Sunday, November 11, 2012

Learning to cope with disappointment on television

Good Sunday morning! It's a beautiful day in the northeast and I have just finished my Starbucks grande Pike coffee. There's no better way to start the day if you ask me...and if your aren't...then so be it.

So, where do we stand with the big leftie? Well, he has a final appointment with the doctor who saved his life a few weeks ago when his throat was closing. Got to give credit where credit is due...the health care team saved the big guy's life. And now, he will be granted permission to work out and pitch once more.

Yep, he is going to be back on the mound. I cannot believe the barriers that have been in front of him over the years such as Lyme disease during the recruiting season, mono, shoulder surgery, hit with a line drive in the head, and lack of belief by his coaches. Yes, it has been an uphill battle. And guess what? he is stronger than ever. I guess Kelly Clarkson's song: "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger....." is legitimate.

By not having an easy road, he has had to develop problem solving skills that most of his team mates do not have. He has learned to get out of trouble and pitch out of jams. He has sobbed on the way home from Little League games and cussed when someone hit a home run off him.

These pitchers are a different breed of guys. They are a bit crazy and have to have short memories. They can't let a bad pitch or home run get to them or they are sunk. Consequently, they develop coping mechanisms to handle these road blocks. In a way, I admire that they let themselves be so vulnerable and open to criticism. They are the ones throwing the ball....they are the ones who "lose" the game.

Yesterday, I watched a college football game. The score was very close and the end of the game was approaching. One team was close to giving the ball back to the opposing team when a defensive player committed a very stupid penalty. The ball was placed near the goal line and if this team scored, they would have won the game. Well, the coach pulled the defensive player who committed the penalty, he took off his helmet and walked to the back of the bench. As the other team came toward the goal line, the offensive player fumbled the ball as he started to cross the goal line giving the back back to the home team. The camera focused on the player who committed the penalty and he was on his knees crying as if he a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. His vulnerability and shame were so evident that I wanted to cry with him. Imagine...he's on national television and he is seen crying on the sidelines after he possibly committed a game losing penalty.

Where am I going with this? Actually, I am not sure. I think what I am saying is that Buddy is going to be cleared to play baseball and I should start planning my spring travels. By the way, there is no Florida trip (a very sad face), but we are headed to Virginia, Tennessee, the Midwest, and Texas. The guys are getting themselves together for the season but first we have to tackle Thanksgiving, finals,  and Christmas. Buddy gave me permission not to buy him anything for Christmas. He says that I have given him enough over his lifetime and therefore, I am off the hook for the season. Hmmmm....let's think about this...I have been asked not to give him any tooth brush, shaving cream, life savers, tic tacs, sweaters, 50 pound bag of rice, sneakers, gift cards, boots, gas, jeans, cool shirts, car, and so on. Has my little boy grown up?

What the heck?! He is trying to deny me the pleasure of standing in long lines, overpaying for an acrylic sweater or shirt with a polo pony on it, and sorting through the sales until I find a XXL?

I am sorry. I cannot grant his lovely wish. In fact, I get more from the shopping than he does when he opens it. So I will be selfish and continue searching for the perfect cool party shirt that he can wear on campus. Perhaps I can get a case of hand warmers at Costco or Sam's Club. He loves the short black sweat socks...and the Phillies.....oh yeah, he also likes Hershey's cookies and cream bars and brownies....Sorry, kid, I cannot honor your request. it is time for me to head to Costco after my Zumba class....
Peace out....

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