Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hiding the candy

Good morning! I have been overwhelmed with work and have not had any time to spend on my own activities like writing. With the storm and loss of power, the students and I are way behind in our work. So, I am playing catch up with my lap top on my lap and Diva dog lying next to me in my chair.

Actually, Diva has been very sad. Tink is in the south visiting the Southern belle and Diva is lonely without her. She places her cushion next to the door and has been waiting for Tink to walk through. I wonder what is going on in her mind. Is she despondent because she is stuck with me for the entire weekend? AM I that bad to be around? I am not Tink, but I do feed, walk, and pet her.

How is my big kid doing? The answer is: "I don't know." I have not heard from him since Thursday. This is a record for us. Generally he calls every day. My thought is that all he has the energy for is to go to class, do homework, and sleep. So, I will not interrupt him. He did mention that the doctor could no longer feel his spleen and was cautioned to not exercise for at least two more weeks. He can walk, but that is it. If he does more, his spleen could rupture and he would die.

Nice...and so, no ruptured spleens on my watch. He will not work out until he has been cleared medically. Until then, enjoy the walks on campus in the beautiful cool, crisp autumn air.

Now that Tink and dad are gone...what have I been doing alone in the house? Funny you should ask. Besides grading and working on classes, I have been putting away the Halloween decorations and hiding the candy bars from myself. OK, that's not really right. I know where the candy bars are in the pantry, but I cannot make myself throw them out or give them away. It's nice knowing that I have Skittles and Snickers in the house even when I am on a diet. I know what you are thinking....those candy bars are one Merlot away from being consumed. Yes, you are right....but I just can't do it....
Can't or won't?

OK, you got me...I won't do it. Perhaps my self control powers are better than they used to be. Yet, I still am squeezing into the fall pants. Maybe, I should just grab the candy and bring it to my little friends next door. I would be a real hero.....although, I would miss the comfort of knowing that an emergency Snickers is in the closet.

This is absolutely a crazy, mental post. I guess that you can now tell that this is my second day on my fall diet. Yes, I am hungry. No, I do not feel like working out.

Yet....I have to make myself do it...or the denying of Snickers will have been wasted for the past 36 hours....time to put on the sweat clothes and hit the gym.
Have a great day.

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