Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still scratching my head

Hi! Once again, I have been slow keeping up with this site. It has to do with grading and class preps. Since I am teaching 4 classes, two of which I never taught before, I am swamped trying to organize and create. No worries....two of the courses wrap up in two weeks. Until then, I will plug along like the little train who tried very hard....and sometimes was derailed...but through the magic of a box of Merlot and the need to earn a living, put herself back on the track and chugged along again.

Not much going on at home. Diva dog is thrilled that Tink is back home. I thought that I did a good job caring for her. But the dog lights up when Tink is around. Yeah, I know...all I am is a meal to her.

How is my big guy? Well, we connected yesterday and I have discovered that he still does not have heat in the house. Two of the guys refused to call for oil. Then once they decided that they needed heat, the oil company has refused to take four credit cards. If that isn't enough, one room mate refuses to go to the ATM to withdraw $80.00 to pay for oil.

Is this all madness? Perhaps....they can see their breath in the house. Buddy bought a space heater for his room. Then OC bought a super sized one and promptly blew the electrical circuits in the house. So, no one has heat in their rooms.

I gotta scratch my head on this one. They live in the mountains. They know that it gets cold there. Therefore, they need heat. My kid has mono. Doesn't anyone care? Ah...BPmom....no...they are college guys. They care about sleep, beer, and girls.....oh yeah...this crew also cares about baseball.

And so, I have to get ready for work and pack my dinner. On a positive note, I have  not broken into the leftover Halloween candy. Day three of my diet continues without having cheated.

Before I sign off...remember to vote.....

and please contribute to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are people still living without power, their houses are flooded, and they have lost everything.


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