Friday, July 18, 2014

Almost no hitter....almost....sort of.....

 I'm back although I still have a mountain of papers to grade. Ah, the joys and sorrows of teaching. NO complaints...just facts....

OK, on to the big kid who has left my sofa in an empty apartment awaiting its demise into a dumpster. Honestly, the kid can walk home from Illinois if I have to fish the sofa out of the dump. He can change his name, find new parents, and join the witness protection program. Just sayin'.....

Last night, he returned to the mound and threw with blazing speed. he had a no-hitter going into the 7th when a few things happened.....the broadcaster announced that he had a no hitter going...(in baseball this is a no-no and classless. No one mentions no hitters until the end of the game. The broadcaster, in essence, jinxed it). However, the kid needed to be locked in and not let the announcement affect him.

He had two outs and a count of 0-2 on the last batter. he painted the corner of the plate and the umpire called it a ball. The next ball was a blooper hit over the 2nd baseman's head ending the no-hitter. After he was relieved (had thrown 100 pitches), he said on his way back to the dugout to the umpire: "You blew that call."

The team won...the kid got the win....fixed his stats....showed the world what he could do....the game was over. The umpire walked up to him after the game and admitted that he blew the call. about class.....yet, the damage was done and the guy lost his no-hitter over a blown call.

Ah, like teaching...the joys and sorrows of the game. Let's add this story to the book and move on. Yet, remember how great the feeling was to not only hold a team hitless for so long but to win a game. Truly a terrific outing.

The newspaper and coach were complimentary. he was taken out at that point in the game since he was coming back from strept throat.

When he called at 12:30 am, he was still in a great state and had to go back to the apartment and work out. He never Energizer bunny, wouldn't you say?

And now, he can sit back but not be satisfied. He knows what he can do. There is nothing to stop him after this performance.

Gotta go!


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