Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bullpen Mama Mia!


Hi...I have to share....I just ate the most amazing sandwich.....multigrained bread....toasted.....1 teaspoon of chunky peanut butter smeared on top.....sliced banana....only one piece of bread, open faced.....OK, Elvis had it right....although he ate the sandwiches with white bread, buttered, and version is only 3-4 WW points and un-bee-lee-va-bul!!! new culinary invention and I am share it with beloved they say in Italia...'mangia'....after you eat it, you can be heard saying...."Mamma MIA!!!" or "Bullpen Mamma Mia...." Whatever...enjoy.....

Yes, now that I am home (for the next day), I am back in the kitchen and loving it. I missed eating real food with salads. I cannot believe how much I missed it.

 Now that we are going to Illinois on Sunday, my diet will revert back to the travel diet. I am having problems with this kind of eating. I wonder how people who are traveling salespersons stay trim and fit. Right now, I am at my doughiest...although the girl next to me in Pilates class helped me to stay sane and not feel so self conscious, while the girl across from me contorted herself into a pretzel. That's right. I went to Pilates hungry and could only think of pretzels....Time for me to stay home for a while to reconfigure my metabolism....

OK, enough whining.....we are planning to leave on Sunday to see the kid pitch. His coach had been fired this week since their record is 3-2?. Yes, they have won three games in 6 weeks. This is not good for morale and the people who support the team have become quite salty. With the change in coaching....yes, the volunteer pitching coach is now the head coach, the big lefty does not have access to the insider information. He and the 'volunteer' pitching coach have not seen eye to eye....sooooo...will he pitch at all?

Do I have to leave home on Sunday?

Is the lefty going to be on the bench breathing now that he has a new coach...who happened to be a nemesis?

Oh, boy...Who knows....all I can say is: Mamma Mia!


Saturday: OK, the best laid plans are something... something....I forget the quote. Although I do remember someone saying: "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." With that said, our plans to leave for Illinois have once again been derailed....for two reasons.

Reason 1: The big guy is not going to pitch until Monday and I have to work on Tuesday not leaving me enough time to get home.

Reason 2: he has strep throat and may not pitch at all with his fever, rash, sore throat, aches and pains.

When he called to report that he was sick and in pain, he wanted advice on what to do. Honestly, I had no clue so I sent him to CVS 'minute clinic' and/or one of the urgent centers that are around town. Once he went somewhere, he reported back to me that my diagnosis was correct....strept throat. And so it goes.....

I get to sit home and you know what?

I am thrilled. I can finally take my trash out to the curb. It has been three weeks since I was home on a Sunday night to take out the trash. I will never complain again. Although, in this weather, the trash can is stinky. Fortunately, three weeks worth of trash will be gone by Monday morning.

I'll tell is the simple things in life that we should not take for garbage removal....water in faucets....change in our wallets.....or not.....

With that said, Tink does not feel well either. It never ends.


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