Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pass the peanut butter

Good morning! It's time to laugh at ourselves. We have a tendency to take life too seriously and miss out on the little joys and pleasures that it can present. Each day, we put our game faces on and do not notice the sweetness that life can missing out on a good laugh....

And that is what Coach Speedy has brought to me; that is, the wonder of how the heck a mascot could be appointed as head coach of a prospect league that boasts of a number of elite athletes throughout the country who have been assigned to each team to hone their skills and prepare for the next year of collegiate competition.

Honestly, it's some sort of a joke....that a banished pugilistic turtle could be re-hired by a team to coach these guys is beyond any sort of logic. The team is currently touring Ohiooooo....yep, he's back in O-hi-oooooo. The big kid sent a snap chat (a photo) of their motel 6 and called it the Ohio Ritz Carlton. There are two guys to each bed and four guys sharing a bathroom, and the place has roaches. Originally, he was to pitch tonight but five hours into the trip on Friday, Coach Speedy changed his mind and told him that he would pitch when he returned home on Monday night. When pressed as to why the heck he had to take the road trip when he was not pitching, the former turtle replied "for moral support." Nice.

Last night, the rains came and the game was not played until 10 pm with three people in the stands. The guys had nothing to eat since lunch and were hungry by 8 o'clock.

The opposing team sent over a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a case of water. Before the team got to the 'snack', Coach Speedy had eaten half of the loaf of bread, leaving 6 slices for 18 guys. Do the math.....

When the game ended at 1 am, they looked for something that was open to buy food, but the sidewalks and streets were tucked into bed. Therefore, they ate whatever they could find and went to bed. They have another game today at 1 pm and then return home. The trip is 8 hours in length, so they should be home around midnight.

As the summer season comes to a close, it is obvious that the team is not headed for the play offs, so it is time to plan an escape from Illinois and a route back to the east coast.

 The neurotic mother in me will not allow any kid drive 18 hours alone, therefore, guess who gets to fly to St. Louis and drive home in a stinky car?

Uh, that would be me. So, I do have a's time to find the biggest ketchup bottle, ball of string, largest thermometer, and best pizza as we plan the route. Will this be fun?

Maybe....if we look at life's idiosyncrasies in a humorous light, I will have lots to document as we begin the journey back our own beds.....our own own box of wine.....


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