Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sixers trade

Greetings! What weird weather we had. Tink and I had dinner with Sparky and the Baker who live 5 minutes from our home. On Tuesday night, a storm was about to hit, so we got into the car and headed home. It took 25 minutes to make the trip with all of the trees and branches down. Then we lost power for 6 hours. Sadly, Sparky does not have power and is living in a hotel while the power company promises power by 6p on Friday night. Honestly, there was two minutes of wind and 5 minutes of rain...that's many people are still without power. It is mind boggling. This tells you how powerful Mother Nature NOT mess with her....

On another note, I see that the basketball player Jeremy Lin may be coming to the Sixers in a trade. Why does this interest me? Well, I am not a big basketball fan BUT once I went to a Sixers game with Big M, Tink, Tuna, and Lefty, I was hooked. see the game on television does not do it any justice. You have to see it in person. No, I did not purchase the tickets. My neighbor works for the Sixers and they could not give tickets away since the team is so bad, so he 'gave the tickets' to me so that I could bring my posse. I will definitely take tickets any time that he offers them. It is an exciting game when you can see the players perspiring and the speed in which the game is played.

(The above Sixers fan has season tickets....I saw him at our game. He is unforgettable). The Sixers trade is just one reason that I like Lin. The other reason is that my son made me a fan of this underdog. In the past, we would watch sporting events on television without having a vested interest in the winner. When he was a kid, we decided that if we watched a game, we would root for the team that did not stand a chance to win and hence...we became the Champions of the Un-champions.

To that end, if the team had no chance of winning, we were its biggest fans. With that said, the big lefty can relate to Jeremy Lin. Lin was ignored by colleges and NBA teams because he was "Asian." Yes, folks, apparently, Asians cannot play professional basketball...yet, Jeremy Lin proved them wrong. In a way, people have been looking at my kid and saying 'he can't play' and some of the coaches have said: "he can play?"

Yeah, that's right. He has always been the underdog, door mat, brunt of jokes, and relegated to the bench to 'breathe'. We laugh at the breathing part now since it was a means to an end. Nevertheless, no one wanted to give Lin a chance and no one seems interested in the big kid (yet).

If all goes well and he remains healthy, he will have his one and only shot in the spring. With his expiration date stamped on his head, he is nervous and anxious. I cannot blame him. He has the talent and grit, so let's keep our fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that he is on some team's radar. They will not be disappointed for taking a chance on him.

Like Lin, this guy can surprise even the harshest critics. Come on, people, give a guy a chance....OK? Otherwise, we are going to have another lawyer in the world? Is this what we need? Heck no!


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