Monday, July 21, 2014

Looking for a tall, left handed pitcher...Have you seen him?

Good morning! It's a hot one today and I am looking forward to a little yoga and tennis today. Now that I am finished with my grades, I put a "gone fishing" sign on my work email.....Although...I hate fishing....ew.

How is the big guy? Well, except for his cracked toenail and 'dead arm', he is fine....until I get a hold of him then he will find a plastic surgeon to change his looks to prevent me from finding his exact location....although, I know how to find him, so he can run but he cannot hide. He leaves an American Express trail that I look at online and see exactly what he is up to, what he has eaten, and where he is located. Oh boy, when he starts to pay the bills, will he be in for a shock or twenty!

Today is July 21st. He has ten days to take care of the sofa. He also has no where to live in September and is still registered for yoga....oh yeah, let's chat about the internship....shall we? Let's not, my blood pressure is about to hit an abnormally high level.

He is avoiding me since I am going to go down the list of what he has not done in the three months. Is it a guy thing? Dunno....don't care. He has everything handed to him except for his talent and arm speed, so......hmmmmm.....

I don't ask for much....a safe place for the sofa....a class schedule that will challenge and not babysit the student....a life free from the fear of gaining weight when sniffing a coconut macaroon.....

And so....he has gone underground (so to say) but I will find him.....he can run......but momma is trailing him like a wildebeest.....I can sniff out a tall left handed pitcher with a ten year old dented Cadillac and American Express card....Look out....I am on the case....


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