Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fans? really?

Good morning...what am I hearing about a hurricane in the south? Is this a bit early for wind and rain? Who knows.....

I heard from the big guy yesterday a number of times. He was to go to TGIF's to meet with fans for a bit then have a free dinner. Did someone say 'free dinner?'

Did someone say 'fans?'

Anyway, his free dinner was derailed by Jeep who had gone canoeing with a few guys. It seemed the canoe flipped over and the guys and their belongings spilled into the river. When I say 'belongings', I mean...

cell phones
car keys
apartment keys
an so on.....

Yes, I know....these guys are in college. No, I did not say that they were in the Honors College. They are learning to spell college and it does not have an 'i' in it.

Back to the fans......or 'fan' the big guy and another pitcher hit IHOP after another loss, he was approached by a guy who asked him if he was on the 'team.'

The next question was 'why are you guys so bad?'

The next question was 'you look like you do not care out there? Why were you throwing a football in the outfield. The fans think that you do not care about the game. If you want to play football, go home.'


"Well, sir, I throw a football to develop my pronation which I need when I pitch. The team is full of young guys who are trying to figure out the sport at a higher level. If you feel that we deliver an inferior product, perhaps you would be better served not to pay for a ticket and take your family some where else."

Hmmmm....That's all I have to say.....hmmmmmm

Got to run....


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