Monday, July 14, 2014

Virtual stalking

Happy Bastille Day! That's right...french fries for dinner tonight.

I am sure that you are wondering how the big guy did in the ER yesterday. Well, pretty good. By last night, he was feeling better despite strept and another loss for the team. Apparently the starting pitcher for their team threw 135 pitches. Can anyone say "ouch!"

Although he is feeling better, he was salty when he returned home to find that the nurse who took care of him looked him up on Facebook and wanted to 'friend' him. Now, anyone in health care knows that there is something called HIPAA and this nurse's aid violated this law in a big way. When he did not respond to her through FB, she IM'ed him and told him that she is sorry to have looked him up but he was so cute that she had to find him again. Can anyone spell 'stalker'? Besides being creepy, this clearly violates ethical standards as well as patient privacy. What if she shows up to the ball park? When he did not respond, I hope that she got the message that he is not interested. Further, if she continues to search for him, he will report her to the hospital and she will lose her job. Dad says 'forget it'. I say...."ewww".

On another note, it is July 14, 2014. The big kid loses his apartment on July31st. This means that he has 17 days to have one of his pals pick it up and move it to another location. If not, he faces consequences....big consequences....really big consequences....his momma will be peeved. Not just peeved....really peeved....

After all, I gave him the sofa to use, not donate to the dumpster when his apartment is taken over by a graduate student....So I count.......17 days.....

Speaking of time limit, he also has no where to live. No, he has not made an appeal for graduate housing, not done his internship, nor dropped yoga from his fall schedule. AS it looks now, he will be sleeping on the aforementioned sofa in some dump along the highway performing yoga poses trying to move his body into a down dog position.

I wonder if the dump has WiFi?

With that said, I have to grade papers.


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