Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eat Your Vegetables!

Good morning! This is a quickie since I have a full schedule ahead of me.


OK, here we you know, the kid went 'underground' knowing that mamma was peeved about the sofa.

He has not made a move to move it.....That's right. I knew it all along and was positive that he was not going to follow through, 'cause he ain't about details ('scuse the improper English...but I call it like I see it). The only details that he can pontificate about are pitching mechanics. Then we hear about acceleration and deceleration....and something about lateral movement.


Last night, he pitched. I had a not-so-good feeling about it because he was messing around with the guys before the game (so unlike his 'I am not talking on game day' speech) and he had a head blowing write up in the newspaper about his pitching. In other words, this recipe is one that was not going to yield a full batch of cookies.

With that said, he was pulled out in the third inning after multiple pitches which were fouled off. He walked a few batters and was in the hole 0-3. After the game, he said that his arm was sore, velocity in the low 80's and his ball was flat. The coach to punish him is making him run 4 laps for every walk.

Is he salty? Well, what do you think? The guy is a competitor, does he need someone to punish him for giving up a walk or two or four? Nope. He punishes himself. If the coach really knew him, he was try other ways like tinker during a bullpen session to fix his command.

As he drove to Panera for breakfast, I mentioned to him that his arm did not recover after his last outing because of poor nutrition. "I guess I should not go to Wendy's anymore, huh?"

Huh? Uh, yeah....what can a guy whose life is his body eat of good substance from Wendy's dollar menu? Seriously? This is just pure laziness.

"I guess I will get some Panera salads and place them in the refrigerator." Good about some fruits and vegetables? Seeds such as sunflower and almonds... you can keep them in the pantry or next to your laptop.

Honestly, for such a smart guy......

OK, it is time for me to head out. Have a great day!


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