Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Turtle

Good morning! I am back from a brief southern trip ready to get back into a routine. I finished my last two courses last week and have a month off to prepare for a late August class starts. Until then, I have a vacation notice on my email and try not to look at the's hard not to stop...

And so, how is the big kid? Well, he was taken out of his last game in the third inning. He could not throw harder than 80, flat, and the ball was hit as if the batter had magical hitting powers. At first, he was salty, then he got over it fairly fast....why the change in attitude? Why was the turn around so rapid? Could it be maturity? Could it be that he now knows that he is human and as such will make mistakes?

OR.....could it be that he is in love?

Yep, that's what I said....he is now in a 'relationship' with a local Illinois girl who he met in the parking lot after a game....that's where you find love, the stadium parking lots, so keep your eyes open. When I look around the stadium parking lots, I see the overweight guys who are drinking their 6 packs and throwing a football as if they were 18 knowing that they would go home and take a hot shower and two Advil for the joint pain. Yep, that's cool....if I am ever looking, I will be sure to check out the tail gates.

By the way, I found out about this 'relationship' on Facebook when our new friend outed him.

As I saw the post, I quickly texted him and asked him if he had something to tell me....sheesh....a mom has to find this out on facebook? Do I care? Uh, sort of....after all, he could have mentioned it to me in a casual manner. He's twenty two, so this is pretty normal, right?

Oye, after chewing him out on the phone for a few minutes about finding out about his friend on Facebook, sofa in the old apartment,  internship not completed, no place to live in the fall, and yoga on the schedule, we had a "come to momma" chat in which I specifically gave him one week to clean up his mess and act or I unleash the beast.....

It was a nice chat, so we are on the same page (so to speak).....don't get me started.....

He did have a funny story to share as he commented on how the new coach was seems that the bench coach was once the mascot. Yep, he was sort of promoted internally. Last year, he was Speedy the Turtle. This year, he is the bench coach.

How did this promotion occur? Well, last year, Speedy lost his job as the beloved mascot when he punched a fan in the face. This action was not in his job description. Anyway, after a few months of unemployment, he got the job of bench coach.

When asked what his baseball background was, he replied that he was the team manager in high school. That's right, folks, he kept the statistics book and lined the field before games. Now, may I rant? Please???

Ok, here goes.....

My division 1 left handed pitching son who throws 90's was sent to the midwest to play in a prospect league. The team is awful (last night, they had 6 errors which means that the guys gave the opposition 6 extra outs). The coach is a mascot...a turtle who has anger issues and punched out a fan (I only hope that she was not a senior citizen). He has had an "OK" summer as far as pitching is concerned. The apartment costs to and from...And he is being coached by a turtle....if I wasn't so peeved, I would be laughing.....But folks, I do not make this up. I don't have the imagination.

And now, as the summer league comes to a close, the big guy is preparing to leave the turtle and his girl. What will happen? Lord knows...not me....actually, I prefer to be left in the dark. I don't want to see the future, 'cause if I saw what was going on this summer, I would probably need treatment for an ulcer.

Now it is time to head to yoga class. I need it....bad....


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