Thursday, July 17, 2014

Light bulb menace

Good morning! I am sorry that I have not posted, but this is the last week of classes and I have a plethora of papers and grades that need my attention. As a result, work has gotten into the way of keeping up with news.

What's going on with the big guy? Well, as you know, we were set to fly to see him pitch last Saturday when he came down with a nasty case of strept in which he had to go to the ER since the urgent care center did not give him the correct medications. This is where he met his stalker who immediately grabbed his contact information, looked him up on Facebook, and attempted twice to 'friend' him.

After the second attempt where she pleaded with him to be her 'friend', he sent her a nasty-gram with a copy of the patient privacy law, HIPAA. Naturally, she could be fired for this infraction of policy and the law, but he will keep it to himself unless she contacts him for the third time.

On another note, his roomie Jeep left town. Jeep's parents are divorced and his mother has breast cancer. She cannot drive herself to her appointments since she lost her license due to too many dui's. This is pretty tragic. And so.....Jeep left the team to care for his mother.

After the big guy recovered from strept, he caught a line drive with his right hand and thought that he broke the hand. OYE! After being seen by the MD, he has a bad bruise and was set to start on Saturday night in Missouri. As dad was clicking on the airline tickets to buy them for Saturday morning, the kid called and stated that he was starting tonight and NOT Saturday. Since I am trip to see him pitch.

I believe that I have struck out 5 times this summer trying to get out to see my son play ball. I might as well not make any plans, because they never come through. What's the point?

Now, here is my latest outside lanterns. As many of you who are regular readers know, the last thing I do is place any house work in dad's hands. He just does not have it.....what does that mean? Well, he is basically a menace when it comes to helping, so stay away.....for example.....

Late last year, he decided to change a lightbulb on the light fixture next to the garage. He breaks the lantern while opening it, then shorts out the circuit. I took the lantern to be re-wired and then re-hung by an electrician that I found on Angie's list. The guy was pretty good but has been out to the house four more times to re-wire this fixture.

This gets better......I had the electrician change all of the lightbulbs around the house so that dad did not have to do it.....guess what? Three lightbulbs blew in the back of the house last week. As dad was helping me to change the bulbs, he broke two of the bulbs in the light sockets. I tried everything including pliers and cannot get the broken light bulbs out. And so.....we have a broken lantern next to the garage....and broken lightbulbs that cannot be extracted from one of the patio the patio fixtures.....

It gets even better.....I decided to call and replace the lanterns and be done with it. I figured that I would order two new lanterns and call it a day. Be done? Oh yeah, seems that the company no longer makes these fixtures. What does that mean? Well, it means that I have to replace every single outside lantern.....all five of them....$$$$$.

Uh all started with one stupid innocent light bulb and has turned into several BMW monthly car payments. After spending lots of $$ trying to repair the mess, the electrician who earned an "A" on Angie's list is not contacting me despite numerous attempts. Seriously? What the heck!

Here is what I have learned as I still work on these lanterns and light is never and I mean never ever to touch anything in my home again. He is a light bulb menace.

With that said, I have some papers to finish.


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