Saturday, July 19, 2014


Greetings. This has to be a short one. I am still in the grading hole and have a shovel trying to dig out with little energy to lift the spade. With that said, here is the news.....

The kid is applying for the Witness Protection Program since he has NOT moved the sofa and July is rapidly coming to an end. Ok, it is the bottom of the 9th in the World Series, the bases are loaded, there are two outs. The count is 3-2 and the kid is on the mound. What will he do? Will he throw a strike and win the game or will he hit the batter and lose the series? In other words, move the %$#&(* sofa before the end of the month or YOU LOSE!

As Aretha sings....R-E-S-P-E-C-T.........

On to Illinois.....there was a neat article and photo of the guy in the paper. The reporter wrote about his ability to play and how he has helped to infuse life into the team. know the one thought that he had any skill or talent except for his former coach who was fired last year. Oh yeah...his mom thought so too.

Anyway, the photo is nice, although he did not shave. He has a nice smile on his face and if you look closely, you can see straight white teeth thanks to three years of braces and trips to the orthodontist.

Here I can now sit back and understand that he has finally garnered the respect that he has always deserved. And I can hang out with the crowd in Pennsy and know that he is OK. Whatever happens at this point, he knows that he can do anything that he puts his mind to...In other words, once baseball is over, maybe he can find a cure for cancer or heart disease.

And now, I must work or face dire circumstances. The papers will not grade themselves...although if someone wants to develop an app for that, I will gladly purchase it and put it on my telephone......


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