Thursday, December 22, 2011

Annual Holiday Classic

The big day approaches and I have not completed my goals. I need boxes...imagine, I must have had zillions over the past year and they are gone. So I have to run to the Dollar Store to actually buy them. Further, I am going to pick up the trophies that I ordered for the family holiday ping pong tournament.....

What did I say? It's true. This year, I am sponsoring a ping pong tournament at Dr G's and actually created an advertisement banner to display over the living room window (like Nike or Adidas). Perhaps you need the background information here....My youngest brother, Dr. G bought a house a few years ago and has not completely furnished it. He lives the life of a typical bachelor and therefore has some frat house decorating sensibilities. For example, last year, Santa gave his daughter, Lil A a ping pong table. The table was immediately set up in the living room and has stayed there with no ambition to move it anywhere else. I could never get away with this decorating idea, but Dr G has and it is a pretty neat addition to the first floor. Therefore, with parties and gatherings, people congregate around the table and have a few games.

With the number of people in our family who will be in attendance at Christmas dinner, I thought that it would be fun to host a tournament...everyone plays...single down after cannolis for the trophy and bragging rights. In my mind, I plan on winning the tournament, yet, I have some fierce competition from bro-in-law Big M who grew up with a table in his basement. Lil A and Dr G have the table in the living room for practice sessions and Buttercup's boyfriend, Da Coach is also a ping pong native. So, I have great competition....and these people are real competitors. They would take their mothers down before they would acquiesce a point. I can foresee the need for a mediator....perhaps, we can have Grandmom or Grandpop be the official referees for the tournament.

The games will be 11 points and win by two. Trophies for first and second place will be awarded during the ceremony with the Star Spangled Banner sung by Lil A before the show down....too much? perhaps....but let me tell you, no one will fall asleep on the sofa after they eat dinner. They can sit in the stands and cheer for their favorite players. Autographs will be signed after the champion is crowned.

There you have it....with my dropping IQ as I multitask, I have written down, "pick up trophies" on my list and have to get going.....thanks for being part of the BP mom world....

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