Friday, December 2, 2011


Good Morning! It's the day after my long day and I am almost ashamed to say it, but I am currently fueled on coffee and an authentic Italian cannoli. It's disgustingly true. I could not wait until later today after I would have done some running, crunching, and fasting...nope, I dug right in to the crunchy shell and ricotta and chocolate chip center and you know what? I don't regret it for one minute. It was good...a great way to start the day. Why were the cannolis in the refrigerator? Well, dad was in Little Italy yesterday after a meeting and knew that they were my absolute 'would dive off a cliff to get one' favorite food in the world. True, there is not much nutritional value and this could set my waistline into a post-Christmas look, but it was sooo worth it.

And so, there is not much going on in the world of college baseball. The big Kid registered for his classes (late) and is not happy with his three day a week 8 am and 9 am classes. Shall I say: "boohoo?" Nope....he's a sophomore and should have known better. Let's look ahead to late February when the team will arrive back on campus at 3 am in a snow storm and he will have about 3.5 hours of sleep, get up in the dark, and walk one mile to class in the snow and sleet in a very grumpy mood. Again, does this bother me? The answer is yes and no. No, because he procrastinated. Yes, because he is going to call me every other day and complain vociferously that life is unfair as I listen on the other end of the phone. Then I will say: "get over it." And he will hang up the phone and call someone else who will be more sympathetic. Can I see into the future or what?

Speaking of what I can office is by the window in the front of the house. I can see the entire neighborhood if I am interested. Well, I am interested...for the last three days, the neighbors down the street have had professional decorators stringing Christmas lights around the house and trees. Three days!! Can you imagine the wattage that will be used on this display? I can't wait to see it. I know that it will be beautiful because she has amazing taste and polish in everything that she does. However, I am going to panic with my dinky little lit trees and wreaths. My house is going to look like the old lady's house on the know the one...she only puts up a wreath and as people drive or walk by they think..."an old lady must live there..." I have to do something to correct it. Knowing that I will not have any help from Buddy or dad, I have to strategize how to string lights around the house by myself. I have done it before, but they have laughed at my lopsided attempt for Christmas displays. I have lots of ideas but no one to help implement them....unless...yes, I have the answer...."GRANDMOM!!!!! Can you help? Please?" She can climb the ladder as I hand her the string of lights. Unless she strings them perfectly, I won't let her down from the roof. Come makes perfect sense...she has been decorating for years. Her new challenge will be to place a plastic Santa with 8 reindeer along with a Nativity scene, wise men, and a few angels on the roof. She will have to figure out a way to make them stick in the rain, snow and wind. I don't want to find my Santa in my neighbor's back yard during the next storm. Then Grandmom will have to climb the ladder again. Don't worry, I will hold it and lay out some soft grass and leaves in case she falls.

So much to to call Grandmom AND have to meet Ice in an hour. It's a Starbucks, non alcoholic Happy Hour. We have to work on the issues of the world, make some plans, and submit them to the President by noon.

Have a great day!

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