Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yoga the Bear

It's coming down to the last two days of finals. Tink finished her exam yesterday and Buddy has two exams today. He called a few times yesterday when he took a break from reading (it is joy to my heart when I hear that he has opened his books). The last call was filled with excitement as he relayed that he had found his mentor Coach T.

It seems Coach T was in the Caribbean for the fall with some baseball league. He has applied for waivers from his current team and has been negotiating with other major league teams. He will have a major league home by Christmas. Naturally, my leftie is one happy kid. First, he found Coach T after looking for him for a few months..then to find out he will have a new home has him elated. And so, after chatting about working out together over the holidays, Coach told him that he has been doing yoga for flexibility and strength. This made me laugh for two reasons.

First, I just bought myself a yoga mat two days ago at the Home Goods store. Tink and I have a DVD and planned on starting yesterday. Second, if I had mentioned this to Buddy, he would have scoffed at us and told us that we were crazy. He would have said: "What does Yogi the Bear know about flexibility?" Yet, Coach T mentions yoga and he is ready to run to the Y and start deep breathing and centering. It just demonstrates the influence other people have on your kids. I might as well hang up my BP mom stained apron and hand the keys to the house to Coach T. He can take over...all I ask is that he locks up after he is through influencing my son.

And so it least Coach T is a decent guy whom my son looks to for friendship and advice. He has not gone "all major league" on his old friends and continues his relationships. I like this aspect because I always tell my son..."Do not forget where you came from and who helped you to achieve your dreams."
I want him to never let success go to his head, stay the humble, crazy, funny guy that he is, go to church, pray, and remember that he is one blessed kid. If he does all of these things, then I can retire and let Coach T take over the second 3/4's of his life. Here are the keys, some old photos, and my recipe for Chicken Parmesan. Make sure that he eats his veggies and gets enough sleep.


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