Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Contentment and happiness

Good Morning...Big Sis posted on her facebook: "Contentment and happiness is everyone under the same roof...." Boy, is she right...think about it...When a member of the family is missing, a piece of your heart is missing, too. That's what I am feeling right now as Buddy is at school working at a baseball camp. It infringes on my time with him and I feel a bit cheated.

Ouch! When did this feeling start? I am not really sure since I am accustomed to not having him around the house, but since it is the Christmas season, I really want him home if only to text him that dinner is ready, make his favorite foods, talk to him through a closed door, and empty the checking account at the food store. I have run out of peanut butter, paper towels, small bottles of water (the empties are under his bed), gasoline, and toilet paper. Truly, this makes me very happy. Although he is only gone one day, I miss having the big and ofttimes grumpy guy around the house.

It's funny, but when my kids are happy, I am happy....Consequently, when they are sad, so am I. Is this psychotic or what being a mother or human being is all about? During his formative years, the big kid would have issues with friends, kids at school who were bullying him, and teachers. When he had a bad game, I would sweat it out with him. When they would cry, I would cry too....what an emotional mess of a person I am or am I?

yeah, that's right....I will go on record right now: "I am an emotional mess when it comes to my children...." and I will not apologize. The way that I look at it is that they are my gifts and as such they are my treasures. The material possessions rank far far far below the gift of my family. If it meant all of us staying together, I would live in a box over a vent with them (hopefully, I would have one of those coats that Good Morning America collected over the holiday season).....nevertheless, together, through thick and thin is what it is all about. Going to every game whether he plays or not, sitting through Tink's choral recitals or's just being together that is what makes life so special.

Although I do have one funny story about one of Tink's musicals, Once Upon a Mattress. Buddy, Big Sis, and Tuna (who was 9 at the time) attended the afternoon showing with me. At intermission, Tuna stated: "I hope that they sell bullets at the refreshment table, 'cause I am going to kill myself...." In other words, the musical was so bad, that Tuna was looking for ways to get out of watching the end of it. I laughed at his remarks, but wondered how I could escape too.....nope, can't do it, I the to stay until the bitter end.

There you have it...through the good and not-so-good....togetherness is now taking on a new definition. It is newly defined as a 'state of mind' since we no longer live under the same roof. Togetherness is the psychic and emotional connection that you have with the person that you love. Whether the person is playing video games in the basement, at school studying algebra, working at a camp, or traveling with a baseball league, I have to adjust. A child growing up is inevitable and desired. Therefore, it is up to me as the mom to help to make the transition from living comfortably at home to new living arrangements to be as smooth as possible. However, first, I have to adjust my own mind and prepare for this inevitability. Bear with me...this may sting a bit....

Have a good day!

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