Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Greetings

Merry Christmas! I would like to apologize to my Jewish readers for not wishing them a Happy Hanukkah on Tuesday..where was my head? Oh, I know...a 7.5 hour meeting....yes, Christmas week and we had an all day meeting. At first, I cringed, but it was actually pretty productive, so I will go on record as reporting Christmas week meetings can take your mind off the unfinished preparations.

However, let me share with you my day yesterday. It was not as I written in the blog. The plan was to meet Scooby at the mall to pick up Tink and Buddy's presents that she bought for me, then run to Sam's with Dr. G to help with his holiday party needs. I was going to be home by noon. It was a great deviations.....

As fate would have it, the road to the mall was closed indefinitely due to a pretty bad accident, so I turned around and never met Scoob. Dr. G and I planned to meet in the morning and then he called as I was turning the car around on the expressway (a feat that is not for the faint of heart), and shared that he had three simple surgical cases to finish before meeting me. Perhaps it would take two hours. I was cool with waiting for him, 'cause I was still not finished with my shopping.

Well, one hour turned to two, then three, then four. I was still waiting for him since I did not want to go home and go out again. I stopped off to exercise and continued to wait. After the grocery store, I really wanted to be home. Five hours away from gift wrapping, cooking, and baking was too much and I had my schedule printed on an Excel worksheet and did not want to deviate from it. This is the time of year where I am not very flexible and have to achieve my goals. The elves took the holiday off and they are working in the North Pole, so BP family's holiday was up to me. Was I up for the challenge? You bet!

So I turned my sleigh loaded with food and gifts toward home. Five minutes before pulling into the garage, he called and was finished. Do I still want to meet? OY! This deviation was not on the schedule. The whole thing would have to be amended.

Sure, no problem...but I asked him to come and pick me up, 'cause I was tired of driving in the traffic. I decided not to start a project since I knew that he was on his way. What I did not know was that he was going to take two hours to get to the house. Fortunately, while waiting I made Granny and Ice's chicken tortilla soup which had 75% of the family doing cartwheels around the kitchen. The other 25% had a ham and cheese sandwich and refused to try it. The soup has amazing flavor and has become 3/4 of the family's favorite meal.

As we sat down for soup, Dr. G finally joined us and was no longer interested in going to Sam's Club. He and Lil A were headed for sushi. Double oy! Oh no you don't...I have been waiting all day for you, I changed my schedule...check out the red ink on the spreadsheet..... We're going to Sam's....and you are going to like it! By the way, before I arrived home the first time, I stopped at Sam's for a rotisserie chicken for the soup. I am sure that the door guy is going to laugh at me when he sees me coming back in only a few hours but it is Christmas and we want to be prepared. I must note that going back may have been an error, because I purchased more gifts as I walked around with the little family.

With that said, Dr G bought what he needed as we browsed through the bakery, frozen foods, and cheese sections. He loaded his car up and headed for sushi, while I turned the key to the car and drove home. That's right, I doing so, he and Lil A could go out to dinner without having to drive me home. As I arrived home, everyone was in their rooms doing what they like to do at night....sleep or watch television....There was no one there to greet me as I slowly walked into the kitchen...the Christmas tree lights were on...the first floor was was time...a little late, but it was time for a little holiday cheer. Breaking into the box of wine, I sipped my glass of vino, stared at the tree and turned on a Christmas movie. It was the perfect ending for a not so perfect...yet fun day....

Have a wonderful Christmas...we're off to see the elderly nuns in their retirement home...they have the best and most moving Christmas eve Mass....Merry Christmas!

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