Monday, December 5, 2011

New Insights

Good Morning. It's pretty foggy in the northeast. I am very happy that I am not flying today, 'cause I doubt if we would leave the ground in this mess. Actually, there are no worries about that since I am not leaving town until President's weekend for the big Tampa tournament. I had the best time last year since I have forgotten about the stomach virus, getting lost, and Buddy throwing 5 pitches in his debut as a college pitcher, then being yanked out for another pitcher against a big name school. Yep, lots of fun....I did get a tan on the right side of my face as I turned on my left side during the games to vomit. Lots of memories!

On to the big kid.....yesterday he called in a 'blue mood'. A blue mood has nothing to do with being in a salty or foul mood and definitely not to be confused with happiness and joy. He was forlorn about something. After further probing, he was just 'sad'. That's when a button was pushed in my doughy head and exclaimed: "What!!! Depressed? You? Get over it!" How's that for a therapeutic interaction?

My take on it is that he is tired and has lots of school work to do and very little time for video games. Exams are creeping up and he has to study. That's a book, take notes, memorize or ponder the content. He knows that he has to do it and does not want to...hence the "blue-ness" of his spirit.

As far as the rest of our discussion is concerned, it went like this after my 'get over it' pep talk....."You are so are living your dream...the dream that you have had since you were a toddler hitting off the plastic tee in the backyard. Guys wish they were you. Girls wish they were with you. You have great hair, a killer grin, height, and are extraordinarily handsome. Furthermore, you are pretty smart...time to put things into perspective, dude. You have it

That's right. The kid is anxious because he is down to a few bucks and needs a job in a hurry while he is home. Perhaps he should contact the President. From recent reports, the economy is on the rebound. Yep, tell that statistic to the people who are unemployed, like my son.

And so, we have narrowed the blue frame of mind to lack of money which can be corrected with a job. So, family and friends of BP mom....if you have anything that needs to be done by a tall kid, he's available....Think of the possibilities. He can put the star on your tree....string lights around the garage and house, move bulky items out of your garage and take them to the dump. He is also qualified to shred paper and take out the trash. his qualifications are endless. He will even travel and does not require batteries.

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