Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Up and Out

Good morning...although I feel like it is the middle of the night. I drove dad to the airport this morning (or middle of the night) at 4:00ish. It is shocking to see how many people are on the road at that hour. Once he was safe in the airport, I drove to the nearest open convenience store for some freshly brewed coffee. As I paid, I noticed the look on the clerk's face as he took my card. It was a look of shock and wonder. Hmmm...what's his problem....then I looked in the rear view mirror in the car. It was not a pretty was more of a "who let me out of the house looking like this?" sight. Hair matted against my right ear and sticking up in the back. If I had looked at myself as an outsider, I would have put 2 quarters in the coffee cup, 'cause I looked like I slept on the street rather than on my tempur-pedic mattress. I guess that I cannot go back to this store for a while. Oh to home and perhaps a relaxing cup of coffee at 5 am.

As I sipped the morning brew, I played with the TV remote. Guess what? Nothing on television and I needed some companionship, so I landed on QVC. That's right....QVC..24 hour shopping..impulse looks better on TV than in person (I know this from first-hand experience...don't judge). The woman was selling Christmas trees that were plastic but looked real. They were also hand-painted green which is a nice feature, don't you think? The assembly was quite simple with only three parts to the tree and a large bag for storage. Quick....get my Visa card....oh will be denied....never mind. Back to reality.

And so, what is going on in the life our our favorite left hander? Not much, he called me twice yesterday to only ask for three things. I have until Friday to send them to him. Thanks for the advanced notice. I suppose there will be a point where he no longer needs maternal help, because he will have an administrative assistant or wife to do these things. He'll place me on the shelf in his bedroom with the other things that he loved and out grew, such as his shredded blankie, Beanie Baby Bongo the monkey, and Curious George (a manly monkey). I'll be a fond and distant memory as the new woman in his life takes care of the details such as unclogging the tub and toilet and editing his papers. No worries as of now, I think that I have job security.

Enough said, it's a raining and a good day to catch up on my work.


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