Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look out

Cloudy and overcast and Buddy is hitting the road and heading back to college for a few days to cover a baseball camp for the coaches. Yes, he will be paid...further, he is one happy guy to leave and return to campus although he will miss the boys. Last night they were in the basement playing video games and hooked up Tink's Dance Party III game....I could hear the laughing from the second floor....no one is allowed to know this...but they love the game....I could envision them dancing to the oldies and having a great time while looking over their shoulders to make sure that no one was watching the fun. From what I understand, there is video of the evening and someone will pay the price when it hits Facebook. I am always glad when the guys stop by especially this week since they polished off the rest of the Christmas cookies (whew!).

Now, however, before he left, we had to make some strategic plans. As he packed his clothes in his ever reliable hefty bag, we had a conversation about what to do about his arm pain.

Yesterday, he threw his typical bullpen session and had shoulder pain...not the excruciating, need morphine stat kind of pain, rather it was stiff and sore which should not be the case. Obviously, the kid has not completely healed from his tendonitis and will need more therapy. Perhaps, he does not have tendonitis but something more insidious. I am not sure whether I trust the university physicians at this time because the pain is not gone yet and they have had two months to figure it out....therefore I have to get involved and have asked Buddy to make an appointment with the doctor this week and I will be there....look out...BPM, not Santa, is coming to town. Guess what? I am no longer Christmas week exhausted and my mind has begun to fully function and I have a few probing questions to ask this physician. So, look out, gang...momma is not going away until her questions and concerns are answered.

Consequently, I have to first sit back and reflect on this entity...perhaps the doctors are overworked and not treating the athletes as individuals. Their goal is to get them back on the field as soon as possible even if it may mean playing with pain. Some of the pitchers had surgery the past year and are not throwing until they rehab...which could mean up to a year. What is this 'win at all price' mentality? In the end, aren't they really losing because the players may be permanently harmed by the inappropriate overuse of their arms?

I understand the intense desire to play BUT not at the risk of long term damage or surgical repairs. Let's be real here...it is a game...True, the kids want to be major league players but their careers will be over if they are permanently injured.
Hmmmm...what to do? There has to be a balance between the number of innings thrown and adequate rest...

And so, I will wait until I hear from the big kid as to when he has scheduled the appointment. If I do not receive the answers that I seek, then I am taking over....yes, the person who took him out of the locker room when he had been violently knocked down with a line drive to have a cat scan. I actually care about the kid and his future, therefore, I will be an imposing force of nature....like a strong hurricane wind....They will not know what hit them once I finish with the group...that is...physical therapists, trainers, and physicians. I want a diagnosis that has been generated by the analysis of tests, a plan for PT, rehabilitation, and a long term strategy to prevent re-occurrence.

Lemme tell ya: "My momma did not raise a fool..." BPM is on a mission....take cover!

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