Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ponder the gift

Good morning...Christmas Day is looming, not approaching...looming....too much to do before the big day. So what does that say about me? Are the preparations and shopping to celebrate the true reason for the holiday or to continue a tradition set forth by previous generations? I guess as I get older, I reflect more on its significance yet continue to embrace the traditions. Does that mean that I am anti-Christmas? Nope, I love the day but sometimes I think that we have lost the true meaning and let marketers tell us how we should decorate and live it. No one can have that idealistic Rockwell Christmas unless your last name is Rockwell.

Sorry to be so introspective today, but BP mom is growing old and wants to live a life of significance. I want to demonstrate true values rather than lecture about them. My prototype has been Grandmom and Grandpop who attend Mass every day, volunteer their time, and continue to give of themselves. We call them the "saints". Grandpop does not move forward on his day until he has said his prayers which can take an hour or so.

When you think about it, saints are different. They do not embrace materialism and consumerism, could care less about cashmere, and think Ferragamo is a candy rather than a famous designer. Which leads me to the annual question: "What do you buy a saint for Christmas?" A saint is happy with a hug or smile. Furthermore, saints look at the true meaning of Christmas and are not caught up in the frenzy. Therefore, buying a Christmas gift is a particular challenge. And since I am quite competitive, I view this test as something that I can handle each December with finesse. Unfortunately, when a person multitasks, the IQ drops (see previous post) and therefore coming up with a great idea for a present is even more challenging since I am not working with a "full deck."

So, the annual brain teaser is being mulled around like hot apple cider in my head. I suppose that I could go with a festive sweater (naw) or some socks and a tie…eww…no! Perhaps a trip to Vegas….nope…. Atlantic City? Really, BP mom…really? I'm lost…help… No, I can do this, yes, I can do it….

Last year I gave BP Grandparents the cleats that attach to boots that grip in icy and snowy weather so that they would not slip after church and break a hip or two. 'Cause they usually hold hands and if one slips, both of them would go down. To this day, I am not sure if they are using them. Additionally, they don't eat much, so a fruit basket is out. Maybe a gift card…no…too impersonal…..They have too many photos…too many frames and limited space in their home…. Also, Grandmom has been diligently giving away heirlooms to her children and grandchildren, so I doubt if they want any more items that will collect dust…..

As a result, here we are…four days before Christmas and my head is empty. Yet, there is nothing new about this phenomenon. It's always a bit empty and non functional....why do you think that I drink so much coffee? The caffeine actually helps me to think clearly. My secretary would say: "OK, now that the caffeine has kicked in, what do you want done?" Therefore, once fully caffeinated, I will continue to ponder the true meaning of Christmas and think about a gift that says: "I know you, am thinking about you, and want to show you how much I love you…enjoy the X-Box 360 with the two remote controls and Mario game…I know that you will love it."

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