Sunday, December 4, 2011


Good Morning! The neighbors' (all of them) lights are up and look really pretty. My house, on the other hand, looks lonely. If I don't string a few lights today, Santa will not be able to find my home. Tink and Buddy would never forgive this elf for a major violation in the Christmas code. I could be given a written citation for the infraction.

Speaking of violation, my favorite left hander is not speaking to me right now. He called on Friday night and reported that two seniors from the team invited him and Angel to a private party to watch basketball and hang out together. This was a huge invitation. It's like the President or Pope had sent an engraved invitation for a meeting with a reception afterwards. Or it was like winning the lottery...the big one...$240 million after paying taxes. This invitation meant that they were in "da club" and one of the big boys. They had made it....they were 'dope'.....there was one catch.....they were NOT bring LW. He is not not bring him. It is a private party by invitation only.

And so, our hero called home to report the invitation and the lack of invitation for the LW. He was going to lie and sneak out with Angel. Great plan, genius....My response was "don't lie...tell him that you and Angel have been invited to a private party and leave...." "No, he'll kill himself and I can't have that on my conscience..."

Sigh....OK....he'll kill himself...are you kidding? He has you two knuckleheads wrapped around his finger. he has you where he wants you at his beckon call....this to me does not indicate someone who is depressed and ready for the party in the sky. Nope, this is a person who is manipulative and will say anything to be accepted including the phony suicide attempt.

Let's back up a bit. As a health care provider, I understand that when people say that they are going to kill themselves, they are desperately seeking attention. However, is this a 19 year old's issue or the parents and mental health professionals? Why are they letting him get away with this? If he needs help, he has to get it, but his teenage room mates should not be held responsible for watching him night and day.

Also, as a person of faith, let's say that we are all God's children and have to care for each other. Yet, these kids do not have the tools and should not be twisted into pretzels because the LW is not invited to a party.

Back to Friday night....I got the report on Saturday morning that LW followed them out the door and to the party and the hosts were not pleased especially when they deliberately told him not to bring LW. However, LW follows them out every Friday night and insists that they leave with him after the party so that he has someone to walk home with so that he does not look like a loser....OK? How is that for twisting these kids around the index finger. LW says: "jump!" and they reply: "How high?" The good news is: Buddy and Angel are good guys with soft hearts. The bad news is: with these traits, they care a great deal for other people. I cannot fault them for that since these are wonderful traits.

Yet, as he called home yesterday, I told him that he committed a major violation by letting LW tag along to the party. Angel tried to explain it to the host, but they did not buy it. Needless to say, the trio left early and went on to another party hosted by the field hockey team. One of Buddy's friends, who happens to be a girl, clearly told him not to bring LW because he is "creepy and texts and IMs her room mates like a stalker" would. So, as I spoke to the kid about the violation, he got upset that I called him out on it. I am sure that he wanted me to say: "What a shame....too bad for you..." I did not give him what he wanted. I told him that he and Angel need backbones and to start working on it. They are not to lie to LW, just be assertive and move on.

Am I peeved? Yeah, a bit. I'll tell you why since Buddy does not listen to me. He is allowing LW to lead him around by the nose. He is not standing up for himself and rather than face conflict, he is showing passivity that I have not witnessed before. The kid is a ferocious pitcher and he cannot tell LW that he cannot accompany them to a party? Are we kidding here? What is wrong with this picture? He dominates on the baseball diamond but is a mouse in the apartment. Wow! What to do? He has got to figure this one out in a hurry or he and Angel will be sitting in the apartment every Friday and Saturday night playing Parcheesi with the LW.

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