Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lassie, Come Home!

It's a very cold Sunday morning in the northeast and two kids and a dog are tucked snugly into bed. I have not heard any movement from their rooms in hours. It's amazing how much they can sleep. I know that eating, sitting around, watching television, and playing video games can be exhausting, so I will let them sleep a little longer.

Although, "it" came sooner than the last time. "It" is our first minor disagreement which was launched around 10 pm last night. As the temperature dropped during the evening, a light dusting of snow began to fall. From a BP mom's perspective, there could have been snow or black ice on the road. Therefore, I texted the big kid to leave his party and return home around 9:30 pm before the roads began to ice. Nothing wrong with this type of critical thinking, right? Icy roads + an inexperienced driver ='s an equation that I developed over the years of pondering this phenomenon. Therefore, I sent out the "Lassie, come home..." signal which was immediately returned with a "WHAT?" "NOW?!" Yes, the party, put the key into the ignition of my car and drive home with my gas to my home where you live during the off season for free.

As he entered the door, I was greeted with a few sentences that I cannot really remember but the implication was that he was too old to be summoned home on a Saturday evening. Perhaps, yes, perhaps he is too old (in his youthful mind), however, as long as he has the privilege of driving the car with my gas and living here with me worrying about him, he is not too old. Dad had a friend whose daughter was home for the Christmas holidays. She slept over at a friend's house, drove home, and hit black ice. We buried her three days later. I never forgot this event and never will. If I have to go through a few angry words to keep a few kids safe and alive, then so be it.

Remember, Santa is watching all activities and keeping a list of who is naughty and nice.

Have a great day!

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