Friday, May 23, 2014

A new qi

Good morning...the big guy is gone...well sort only the way that he and his dad can do it, they leave at the last minute thinking that the airplane will wait for them. Arriving ten minutes at the gate before take off, the doors are closed, he misses the plane. Is this a message about the future or about two guys who could not get out of bed in time to catch a 6:15 am plane? You decide.

Once he arrives in St. Louis, he will rent a car to get to Illinois. He will meet up with his friend, Jeep, and live in a sublet for three months. The only furniture that he will have is a bed. Dad gave him permission to buy a bed, sheets, pillow, and blanket. The rest is up to him.

I thought that he should look for a job to occupy his time. He can try Starbucks and take my dream job or try to bag groceries at the food store. Whatever, he needs cash and should at least attempt to support himself, although the team is set to play 65 games from late May to early August. This is a great deal of baseball.

The next step in the plan is to drive the car out next week and catch a few home games. I believe that dad wants to join me on my road trip. He's just not the road warrior that I am so I have to orient him to the 'process'. What process? Well.....

1. full tank of gas
2. cooler loaded with water, peanut butter sandwiches, and yes...Skittles.....granola bars
3. Starbucks every 300 miles
 4. Oldies, Classic Rock, or Bruce on the radio
5. Singing is key, naturally

Will he abide by any of the road warrior rules? Nope. He might go for number 2.....that's it.

Hey! Acupuncture was actually quite cool. I only felt two of the needles. Apparently my 'energy' is off, hence the need for turning into a pincushion. All is well, I believe that Tink is interested in trying it too. According to my acupuncturist, Needles, I should come once a week for four weeks. I am ready to try anything to change my qi short of medication...or electroshock therapy.

The day is young and I am off to hit  a few tennis balls and test my new qi.


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