Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody

OK, it's Saturday night and Diva and I are stuck with one another.

Dad and Tink made it to the stadium after a 13+ hour drive. Our little Diva is lying next to me, almost in a coma. She perked up for 30 seconds while I gave her chicken and an antibiotic. Now, I sit with Diva watching a Barbra Streisand show on PBS. OYE! Could I be more bored or what? I just broke into the remnants of Tink's Easter candy and grabbed a Snickers.....oh to get moving here....or something.

I'll try to get the game on the computer, but honestly, I had planned to be away for the weekend and never for a million years thought that I would be sitting on the sofa with my laptop and watching Streisand as I sit with a sick dog. Is there something wrong with me? I don't even like Streisand....OK, she has talent, but is not my style. Now, if we are talking Springsteen and his music or even Paul Simon, then I would be a bit happier. Actually, nothing is making me happy tonight....although the Snickers helped a bit.

Tink emailed photos of the stadium to me tonight. The game is sold out. The stands are filled and there are fire works tonight. It sounds like fun. Huh? More fun than hanging out with old Easter candy, a sick dog, and Barbra? Yep....a lot more fun.....

By the way, as I sit and type, Barbra and her son, Jason just sang a duet together..."how far would I travel to be with you?" Fascinating....since we are chatting about traveling to see my son play ball. Apparently, Barbra and Jason would travel many miles to be with one another....OK, but who did the driving? Did she take a private plane or hit the turnpike? Limo, perhaps?  Did she drive through West Virginia or did Jason drive while mom paid the bill? Did they eat Skittles or Snickers? I guess we are alike and not alike. If I had BS's money, I would have had my driver take me to the game and my housekeeper watch the dog. She might have a ton of money, but is she happy? Uh, yeah...she looks very happy and healthy.

Back to the game.....More had to pay for parking. What? For a minor-minor league team?

Also, the stadium is in a sketchy place. Tink is a bit nervous about the location. At least they found a 24 hour IHOP for pancakes after the game. After all, the game will end around 10 and they will probably be hungry. When we lived in Ohio, we ate pancakes after most games at an open all night IHOP. The only problem seemed to be the armed guard at the to door. Although, I guess I was happy that we were guarded.....Talk about sketchy....

And so, here we sit reflecting upon the last few days and am happy to hang out with the dog. Dad promised me that I could go to 'team poster' night in a few weeks. That's a deal. Until then, I will play Florence Nightingale to our diva, sing along with Babs, and hope the medication kicks in.

Thanks for putting up with my musings. I am not used to being by myself....kind of lonely....

Oh well....back to the remote control....could there be anything better on television? I would even settle for a housewife show....hoarders?


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