Saturday, May 24, 2014

On his own...with dad's money

Happy Memorial Weekend....many thanks for the men and women who fought for our freedom. I, for one, am appreciative of their sacrifices and efforts on our behalf.

On to the big left handed traveler....he finally made it to St Louis and ran into a line at the car rental counter. He says that there were 30 people ahead of him which is code for possibly 8. He is not  a man of patience. Therefore, he texted his father about the line and stood there breathing.....seething.....oye. Got to let it go, dude. This will not be the only long line that you are in....there are others....

1. supermarket
2. Oil change
3. Macy's at Christmas time
4. free ice cream at the ball park
5. waiting for the cable repair man
6. contacting the phone company
7. the doctor's office....
8. Haunted Mansion in Disney World

And  so, my suggestion is to learn to wait.

Although, he has been the master of waiting and breathing. He has waited 4 long years to start in a baseball game and by jingo....he is not starting not only at school but for the summer team...which I will call "The Turtles." As a Turtle, he takes the mound in the 3rd starting position and will start the game next Sunday....meaning.......

Yes, BPM, the road warrior, takes the wheel of the car and points it west....drives until she needs either coffee or a new tank of gas and gets to the ball park in time for a bathroom break and hot dog then watches her baby boy cuss, spit, cuss, throw, spit some more, and strike out the side.

I do believe that since there is no pitching coach on the Turtle staff, he has the freedom to call his pitches and try to strike out the batters. At school, his hands are tied and he must abide by the coach's demands. Further, he has to lift weights on the day of his start and not work on his velocity. This summer he has the option to do his Pitching Doctor work and without supervision and constant criticism may be able to handle the pressures.

By the way, this league that he is in is far superior to the one in Ohioooo. Yep, the team takes buses everywhere, there was no joining fee, and they are given food. In Ohio, during their down time, they had to paint the stadium. There was a food....the travel to games was on their own. It is like comparing little league to the minors.

Although, I am still paying...air so on. Oh, yeah...they were late to pick up the apartment keys and beds, soooo....they were in a hotel last night.....Sweet......Will this end? Dunno. Hope so. After all, he has had his opportunity. Let's see where he goes with it next Sunday....when I am in the stands, watching with the rosary, my lucky Cheetah sneakers, and bag of carrots (got to change my diet).

Time for exercise...


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