Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Be your own advocate

Good morning! It's a quick post since I have an all day educational workshop where I will escape around 2 ish to make the game on time. Let them try to keep me there. I am not so essential that I am needed until the bitter end, so I plot where I am going to sit and when I will take my leave.

The game starts at 3:45 pm and the local crowd will be in abundance. With the big guy's local start there is lots of enthusiasm since most people cannot make it to the team's home games due to the distance. Last year, the team played locally and they had a snow delay...ah the joys of playing ball in the northeast. Today, we expect some showers but the game will be played.


I must admit that I am calmer than I have been in the previous starts because I know that he can handle the pressure. He wants it. He has prepared for it. And he is a bit nasty when he is pitching. My little Catholic school boy has quite a salty mouth and a saltier attitude toward batters when he is out there. I just choose not to listen to his mouth as he tosses the ball trying to mow the opposing player down. He did call to complain about this morning's 'lift'. "Why should I lift if I am starting?" OK, so, just tell the guy that you are not going to pick up a weight. Geez...advocate for yourself, dude!

With that said, I have to get going and at least be on time for this workshop on something or other....zzzzzzz......


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