Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quiet time

I'm back! I had lots of end of the year work to do plus a large college senior came home for a few days. Originally, we thought that we had a week to get things ready for his big Illinois adventure but as fate would have it....OK, not fate...the kid did not read his email, he has to report to his summer team on Friday at 5p. When was this discovered? How about last night?

Let's look at the events leading to Friday....on Monday, he had a final meeting with the Czar and his staff. The staff including the Psycho pitching coach were complimentary. The Czar...not so much. It is obvious that they will never...ever....ever be best friends. In fact, I am pretty confident that they will never live in the same town or state when this is over. Nonetheless, the meeting was sort of positive.

The big kid claims that he will never go back. My interpretation is as follows: he hates it but won't jump and will stay for his last year of eligibility. Although, he assured me that he would be picked up after this summer...nice....dream....or is it reality? I don't know, the lines are blurred.

Now the plan is that he will fly out on Friday to join the team rather than the two of us hitting the turnpike and heading west. I will bring his car out to him next week, then fly home. I have a huge bag of Skittles to get me there although the aforementioned Skittles gave me a huge backside, so I best look to other ways to stay alert and move away from sugar.

Since he has been home, we have chatted for approximately 12 minutes. He commented that my right arm muscle tone do you say it? Hmmmm...let's call it 'flaccid'. My muscle tone is gone and I need to figure out how to get it back with the elbow injury. Unfortunately, the injury prevents me from lifting weights or correcting the damage. So, I made an executive decision....tomorrow, I am pincushion.

Will let you know how it goes as well as future plans.


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