Friday, May 2, 2014

Jumping the shark

Sunshine! Cool breezes! Finally! After two days of stormy weather, we finally get a break. With all of the rain, there were numerous road closings around the house which made getting home a big dicey. Even the stream in the neighbors' backyards was rising....For now, it is all a distant memory....

This weekend, the team plays a series in Nebraska. It was not easy getting there from the mountains....first there was a bus trip (3 hours) to Baltimore....then a trip to Chicago where they were delayed for 3 hours.....finally leaving for Omaha, they arrived around midnight....only to take a bus to  Lincoln. For exam week, as a parent, I wish that the schedule had been different. But, they are going to be spending more time on air planes than playing ball this weekend. Oh well, only the strong will survive this trip.

As I pursued the opposing team's win/loss record, I could see that this team is going to be trouble. In fact, the team that won all three games last week was crushed by this team a few weeks back. May I suggest that the players have their hands full? Will it boil down to pitching? Hmmm...perhaps, but last weekend, they only scored one run in three games. So, pitching is crucial BUT hitting the ball at strategic times is essential.

With that said...who is the starting pitcher on Sunday? Would you believe that it is the elusive pitcher "TBA"? That's right. The coaches do not believe in sharing with their Sunday starter his status and is letting the pitchers twist as they try to figure out what is in their minds. I am not sure what the big secret it....but chances are that the starter is my kid who the coaches still feel is a head case. Therefore, rather than have him mentally prepare for a start, they are saving him the angst of thinking about it. Yep, that's right.....let him build anxiety about 'will I or won't I?' versus "I am...therefore I am invincible."

This leads me to continue the belief that they do not get it. If they did, they would have had a conversation and sent in the big guns to chat with the the sports psychologist. He could work with guided imagery and visualization of throwing the heat against an inferior team.

Speaking of sports shrinks....I could definitely use one today. I had agreed to sub in a tennis match today at noon. I did not tell my partner, but I have not played a match since Carter was President. Ok, would you believe GW Bush? I had been re habbing the elbow for 6 months and just dropped out for the indoor season to 'chill-ax' and work.

When I got the text to sub this week, I knew that they were "jumping the shark" and had no one else to play. What does jumping the shark mean? Remember Fonzie on Happy Days when he jumped the shark? At the time, Happy Days was on 'life support' so they traveled to California and the big news was that Fonzie was going to jump over a shark to save the show. It was broadcasted and a very big deal.

Well, in my case, I believe that this is the last ditch effort to find a sub or default the court, so the Captain has jumped the shark to save the match. A last effort, they bring in the kid who has just picked up her racquet after many moons and will try not to embarrass herself or the team.

I also found out that I am playing on the top team which means I am in over my head and naturally, the shark will more than likely eat me today.

By the way, have you seen Fonzie lately? He's like this very little guy who does not resemble the ultra hip cool guy on Happy Days. In fact, he looks like a little grandpa who rocks on his chair all day while telling the grandkids how he allegedly jumped a ferocious white shark to save his television show.
With that said, it is time for me to find a tennis skirt that fits. That's right...embarrassment number two: not sure I can fit into the outfit. Oh well....I kinda feel like this is not a great idea....yeah, it's a bad one....I need a shrink.....gotta run....oh. no, I mean...hobble to match...


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