Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boredom has set in

Hi! I am 0-something in tennis...can't seem to pull out a win....Is it mental? Hmmm...perhaps I should be more mentally tough rather than thinking about what I am going to have for dinner during a match. Perhaps I should hang up my sneakers....After all, I am not doing the team much good by being a consistent loser. I went from undefeated last year (almost....OK, I lost a few) to can't win at all. Do I need a shrink? New racquet? Sneakers? I wore my lucky clothes but nothing....nada.....Does it really matter when I think of all the troubles and issues in the world? Yeah, actually it does, just a bit. Oye! Enough about my losing tendencies and off to Illinois....the land of Lincoln.

I finally got a call last night. "I'm bored."

Boredom has set in. The guys are bored when they are not practicing. Jeep is home sick.

"So what are you doing?"

"Well, we went to the bar at Chilis and for $5.00, you can eat all the chips that you want. So we ordered water and chips and sat there, ate, and watched the play offs." I am sure Chili's management loved that one.


Anything else?

"Well, we go to stores and walk around. We don't have any money so we don't buy anything."

Mall rats.

Have you tried the library? You can take books and movies out. There is no fee. Also, the chairs are comfortable and you can read. That 4 letter word....read....relax....free Wifi......

"I have a book."

Nice....that should get you through the summer.....

Are you eating?

"Yesterday, they took the team to TGIF's to sign autographs and gave us free food. Only 9 people showed up, five of which were from the team. Jeep and I played hang man on a Styrofoam cup for  2 hours."

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the weekend saga of two guys on the road. One is homesick, the other is looking for free food. Games begin on Thursday night and we will have some news at that point. The big kid mentioned that there is a kid from South America on the team and he is one of the few guys who can communicate with him. Yes, three years of college Spanish has converted into some conversation with a lonely young man.

More boring tidbits to follow!


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