Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bleacher Creatures

Good morning! I am so glad that this semester is finally over. After a frantic 2 am phone call the other night, the dust has settled and it seems the big guy is closer to an actual college degree. All he needs is to pass accounting and complete an internship. For some reason, he continues to think that if he ignores it, the requirement will go away. Doesn't he know that academics do not work like that? If wishing earned a person a degree, the entire world would have one.

By the way, he can actually attend the graduation ceremonies this weekend, but will not. Why? He doesn't want to since he had a game. He did not order a cap and gown, did not get his photo taken for the year book...nothing. Am I disappointed? Well, if you know my kid, you know that the ceremony is meaningless to him. Pomp and circumstances does not hold meaning for him. When he reflects upon his time at this university, he will not look back on graduation and smile, 'cause he won't be there. I am cool with it. It is one less ceremony to attend since I have been witness to 50 plus graduation ceremonies over the years. We will celebrate when he actually finishes school and it will not be this year.

Anyway, after the weekend start, more information has come forth. For example, when he was pulled out of Sunday's game after tossing 100 pitches, the batter who was in the box at the time asked the catcher, why they were pulling him. The guy admitted that the team could not figure out how to hit his pitches. This is indeed high praise and exactly what happened. They fouled off so many balls, he had the team perplexed, but in order to preserve his arm, he was taken out....then the wheels came off the wagon and the other pitchers lost the game.

Nonetheless, there were other stories...such as when he gave up his only true run in the first inning. The catcher walked out to him and promised him that he would score in the next inning and he would tie the game. Well, true to the spoken word, the catcher got on base and ran his heart out and tied the game. When he ran to the dugout to his pitcher, he screamed "I told you that I would do it. I told you!" He was so excited and the big lefty thanked him profusely.

Now here is where it got strange and offensive....after the game, the Czar was screaming at the team and said: "You all make fun of Squat (the catcher). Do you see how hard he works?"

And with that, they took the long trip back to campus.

Two days later Squat texted the big kid and said:

"I have been thinking about this for 2 days. Do the guys really make fun of me?"

Honestly. That is what came out of the stupid comment made by the Czar post game. He humiliated and embarrassed Squat. Wanting to share the reality of the dug out with his catcher, the big kid texted back...."You are quirky, like me. The guys don't know how to take us, so they laugh. They like you."

And with that, I am pretty confident that this reply may have helped a bit. But can you imagine how bad Squat felt as he ruminated about the Czar's idiotic words?

There were also some good things that happened. We had a conversation about how respectful the crowd was during the game and how they did not bring the pitcher's mother into their bantering. What do I mean?

Well, with the smart phones, people are able to access almost anything on the Internet. For example, they can retrieve a batter's batting average, the name of his parents, his major, and even the family pet's name. And so, the big guy shared with me what hecklers had yelled at him over the years. By the way, I was roaring with laughter in Costco as I waited for one of the rotisserie chickens....

"Hey, big at us.....your parents don't love you..."

"You were adopted...."

"We killed Diva dog...."

They made fun of his name, height, high school, and Delaware.....

When they actually mentioned Diva's name, the big kid laughed wondering where they would get this information. But gang, it is all there on the Internet. We have no idea what is out there, but it is. And the  "Bleacher Creatures" get as much ammunition as they can to interrupt a player's concentration. You see it worse in major league parks. During one Phillies game, I almost hit the guy behind me (yep, I was so peeved). He was screaming at an opposing player and using profanity to describe the player's wife. We were 6 rows from the field and player. I had two teens with me and was not pleased. The guy was eventually tossed, but I was so close to using profanity myself. What the man said was disgusting. I won't repeat it, but it was bad.

Anyway. this is all I have today to report. I have lots to do and several meetings to attend at work later.

With that said, I am off to really begin my day and hopefully accomplish all of my goals.


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