Friday, May 30, 2014

Westward ho

Good morning! It's time to hit the road and take in a few baseball games. Yep, Tink, dad, and I will point the car west and take the turnpike and not stop until we hit Pittsburgh. Why Pittsburgh? I picked it. Tomorrow, we continue the journey until we arrive in western Illinois. Fun, eh? I will probably be the person saying 'when do we get there?' Remember those days in the back of the station wagon?


I do...actually, if you are a regular reader, you know that my dad drove a VW beetle and we had 6 kids. In those days, there were no seat belts, an AM radio, and no trunk except for a small spot in the front of the car.


We squeezed in and sat in one small spot for hours. No one could blame me (except my siblings) for getting car sick and being tossed by BP grandmom onto the side walk to vomit. I believe that there is a sign on Lafayette Avenue in Conshohocken dedicated to me as the regular spot where I generally threw up on the way to Bullpen Great Grandmom's home.


Also keep in mind that there were not functioning windows in the back of the Beetle and no air conditioning, so we were in a little bug that had no ventilation. Did we complain? Nope, we did not know any better until we got older and saw that other people had bigger cars and did not have to sit on the back seat floor. Imagine our surprise when the folks finally bought a station wagon and the back windows opened. It certainly smelled better in the back and the amount of my car sickness dropped precipitously.

Sorry for the review of history....back to today's journey...Tink is in charge of the snacks which include...yes...the big bag of Skittles that is in the pantry, granola bars, pretzel goldfish and water. I have not touched the Skittles since our last trip....Weight Watchers does not even have it on their list of points. What about our peanut butter sandwiches? Well, dad does not travel this way and won't eat them, so we will probably stop at a Chick fil-et (the only fast food place that I will eat in....although I do eat Skittles...yes, I am a bit of a food hypocrite on this one).


Last night the team won after coming from a 6 run deficit in the 8th inning. Now, the big lefty's college team never would have come from behind to win. They did not have that fight in them. Although my theory is....the opposing starting pitcher was taken out in the 7th and the bullpen could not keep the lead. Just a theory....

With that said, I got to finish packing and getting ready for the dog walker. Judy loves Diva....Diva loves Judy....but Diva loves Tink more and will go into some kind of depression while Tink is gone. Although, something is up with our Diva. She now has the cone off her head yet she has not perked up and no longer jumps up and down when I arrive home. Is she angry with me? Was it the cone? She has been sleeping most of the day and does not have the energy she once had....Perhaps it is the fact that her hair is too long and matted. While she had the cone on her head, the doctor would not let her go to the trimmers. So, our Diva looks abandoned.


Not wanting to traumatize her since her entire body is going to be shaved next week, I contacted one of those mobile dog groomers who will come to the hose next Wednesday morning to groom her. I know that he will shave the entire body. Fortunately, Tink can stand with the dog while the groomer gets rids of the matting. Oye!

OK, time to go....


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