Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yoga 101

Good morning! Happy Mother's Day to all. I am thankful for my Bullpen Grandmom every day and am wishing my friends who have lost their mothers the peace that they desire. I know that they miss their own moms, but if all goes well, we will all be reunited. No sorrow...just joy....and perhaps....just perhaps....all the Skittles a person could eat without getting a sugar rush and gaining 5 pounds.

I am also so grateful for my own children who have made me Bullpen mom. They are truly gifts and I am blessed. Tink has given me flowers and a really neat card. But the best part of the day has been that she did a Starbucks run for me while I sit here in my pajamas. The girl is a champ!

Speaking of champs...where do I begin? Oh, how about with the baseball team that is not performing all.....the past two days they have played a top 25-ranked national team. So far the count of runs for two games has been 18-1. Yikes! So, when the big kid called last night to tell me that he has been pulled out of the Sunday starting rotation today to start against dad's and my own alma mater, he was quite salty. Ok, perhaps the term 'quite' is an understatement, but he was peeved. OK, perhaps 'peeved' is also an about totally P-O'ed? Yep, that's it.....

And so the rant went on and on and on....I only wished that I had cracked open that bottle of wine before I started with the conversation. Actually, it was not a conversation, it was a diatribe and soliloquy and I just listened and sighed.

Yet, leave it to dad to figure out what was in the Czar's mind...."Don't you realize that they have already decided that they will not win the game today with you on the mound? Therefore, they are saving you (their big gun) to play against the Tuesday night team because they desperately need a win and you could no-hit them?"

Oh, good. That makes sense....also what is very cool is the game is local and we can take the entire family, Produce section of the supermarket, and bakery staff to the game to have his own cheering section. Our family alone could fill the stadium. is going to be great weather.

Wow! let's cheer for this one.

Thankfully, dad was the one who helped talk the kid off the ledge. I am running out of platitudes and perhaps....just perhaps....patience. This guy needs a week or five off, because he is not thinking correctly. He is a raw emotion and desperately needs a good night sleep, his momma's baked ziti, and cheesecake. Then give him a nap and he will be back to his old salty self.

Speaking of salty self...I had asked him to do three things:
1. set up the final internship for the summer. He will finish his degree.
2. Find a place for his furniture around campus to store, 'cause he ain't bringing it home
3. sign up for classes for next fall at school since he has not decided whether he was staying or leaving for his final year of eligibility.

I don't ask for much, but when I do, I expect it to be done without threatening to cut off cell phones or food money....or rent....or stuff that only a ma could provide.

How is the progress toward these goals?
1. Allegedly, he sent an email to his summer team to ask for an internship. No response yet. Hmmm....
2. The furniture sits in his apartment which he has to move out of by the end of July....hmmmm....
3. He finally signed up for classes although he swears he is not returning and 'yoga' was one of them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

Yoga? Yoga? No namaste here.....oh no....this gal is not, repeat NOT going to pay college tuition for a yoga class. He swears that if he stays, he will change it to something more meaningful. Oh Lord.....I have to wait and see.....Yoga 101 for anyone who needs three credits to graduate.

OK, and now that I am home for the first Sunday in over a month, I am not sure what to do. I think that I used to go to an 11 am zumba class, but that seems years ago.

Actually, since it is Mother's Day and I will not be traveling, I believe that the day is to be spent with the people that I love and I think love me back.....

With that said, all the best for a nice day. I'll let you know if anything noteworthy happens at the game today.


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