Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meeting fans

It's a big day in the BPM household...lots of errands....starting with a trip to the Produce section to sign baseballs for the big kid's two fans. Yeah, he has two....which is two more than last year and the year before and the year before unless you count his grandparents...No? OK, he has two fans. These are the guys who nabbed a baseball from a little boy and want to get it signed (just in case he makes it sell later....hmmmm).


After the Produce section, he will say hi and good bye to BP grandmom and grandpop....and share some of Grandmom's special pudding cake that she seems to only make for him....another hmmmm.....

Then Tink insists of driving me to acupuncture...or has she driven me to need acupuncture? Not sure, but my arm is ready to something new. Tank tried and failed on this arm, so it is time to try a new therapy. I guess my qi is off somewhere in my body. Hopefully the therapist will find it.

Then.....the car has to be dropped off for inspection before it leaves for Illinois....the big guy has to stop by his high school to bid good bye to the team and coach. He spent the last two days at their practice working out with them and offering them some wise advice....What kind of advice....hmmm.....Well, I believe that he probably said:

"Work hard"

"Life is not fair"

"Life is not easy"

"Be committed"

Nice. Where have I heard those sweet words before....I am thinking....thinking....Oh yeah...from me.

Time to roll....


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