Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sick little pup

No westward ho for this least not today. Our poor Diva has been sick for a few days and when I took her to the vet yesterday, I was told that she had a fever and needed to be monitored. So, I am my home office....waiting.....

What happened to Diva? Well, she has been incredibly tired for the last few days and not herself. She slept all of the time, then she started to vomit yesterday. After her visit with the vet, I was told to bring her back today at 10 am for a temperature check which was higher than yesterday's temp. Then she had to have fluids, a shot of penicillin, and blood work ($$$$$$$). Most of the lab work was fine but she has lyme disease antibody in her blood. And now it all makes sense....poor pup....Lyme disease.....yikes!

And so, the decision to stay home was a good one as I monitor Diva...give her antibiotics...and pepcid. That's right. She can have pepcid for her tummy....

All is not lost. The team has a link for people to follow the game in actual time. So, I will be hooked up to the computer tonight as I watch Diva.....and the game as little computerized men run around the bases and throw balls.

Have a nice day!

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