Sunday, January 18, 2015

And the Oscar goes to....

Good rainy morning. It is sloppy and muddy out there. The roads have iced up and are closed for another few hours. I definitely need the wellies and ice skates today when I walk the pups....For now, they are quiet and sleepy...hopefully they will sleep until the sun comes out.

Last night, I received a late call from the big lefty who was in his favorite store, WalMart buying his Epson salts. "Mom, I just got back from the movies and saw American Sniper. It was amazing."

"I heard that it was disturbing."

"Yes, but Bradley Cooper was awesome and so was the movie."

I would believe that BC was amazing because every movie that I have seen him in, he has been pretty good. In fact, he should win the Oscar. How do I know that when I have not seen any other nominated movie? I actually don't, but I like him, so he should win. Isn't that enough for the voters? His production company should use this as they campaign for his victory: "BC has been endorsed by BP mom..." Yep, they will all take my opinion into consideration when completing the ballot. He is a shoo-in....or is it 'shoe-in'?

Now, this American Sniper movie is in direct contrast to the movies that I normally see with Wildcat and anyone else who wants to join me. This morning, having taken the pups out when they started to whine, I turned on the television, which I normally do not do. My morning routine is to read the newspaper on my Samsung tablet with my coffee as the dogs eats their Greenies (a delicious dog bone). Since my tablet is being fixed, I am at a loss as to what people do in the morning when sipping their coffee. So, I turned the news on.....however, the news was not on the television. The movie Beethoven's Second was on the channel.

Normally, I do not watch much television, let alone a dog movie, but something about this movie drew me in (don't judge until you hear the was quite intricate).

When I started to watch the movie, a brother and sister had stolen 4 puppies (Beethoven's, naturally) from a mean man and woman who had stolen Beethoven's girl friend (another St Bernard). Apparently, the mean man and woman were going to drown the puppies (YIKES! This is a thriller and a kid's movie). The kids hid the dogs in the basement for several weeks from their parents until the beans were spilled and the father had a melt down. Somehow, the kids managed to convince the dad to let them have the puppies until they were old enough to give them away to a worthy family. The dad, looking at 18 sets of doe-eyes (including Bonnie Hunt's) reluctantly allowed them to take care of the pups until the dogs were given away....sure. Even I can see through this one. They are going to have these 5 dogs forever...

Or are they?

That's right. They needed another hour to fill in the movie and somehow Beethoven had to rescue his girl friend, Missy, from the mean man and woman. Moving through the next hour of cuteness, I was spellbound as Beethoven managed to save the father,  Missy, and his 4 babies and win the burger eating contest at the county fair at the same time. Talk about Oscar-caliber performances. My vote goes to the dog who played Beethoven. I laughed, cried, and did not move from the television set until all were safe and happy.

All of this is in direct contrast to Bradley Cooper, who has been nominated for his performance as a guy who can use a gun with precision and kill the bad guys. On the other hand, Beethoven did not need a gun, and got the bad guys with his teeth, slobber, and wits.

Beethoven versus Cooper....hmmm...this is a toughie....who should win the Oscar? This is too difficult to call. Glad that I do not belong to the Academy. I will let you decide. Click on the link to take you to B-2's movie trailer......Now check out American Sniper's movie trailer. Tough call, right?

On to other is BP Grandpop's 88th birthday party. We will gather at Dr G's house after the ice on the road melts. I have always admired BPG, but now, after his fractured hip, I admire him more. There seems to be a rule of thumb that when an elderly person breaks a hip, they rapidly deteriote. Well, did anyone share this news with Pop? Nope.

He has gone from wheelchair to walker to cane in a few months. Nothing has gotten him down as he continues to rehab and gain more strength. He is someone to admire as his grit and determination are currently in overdrive. When he is not working on his strength, he is saying his prayers and entertaining the family. He's quite a guy and someone who has never let life get him down. Now, he is definitely Oscar-worthy as he shows us how to act  in life.

With that said, it is time to check the roads.


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