Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mind, body, and spirit part 2

Good morning! It's a cold, January day in the northeast and the puppies seem to love the snow. In fact, they stop to eat and lick it. While Diva would not squat in snow, the puppies love it and roll around playing in it. They are pretty funny. Although, at 7 months of age, shouldn't they be housebroken? I think so. Therefore, we are calling in General Patton. He or she is going to come to the house and help us to get over the hump of using the backyard as the outhouse. I am not sure who I am going to call, but he or she is coming...very soon....very very soon...

How is the big lefty? starts this week. I am glad that he left early to bond with his friends. Actually, the pitching coach asked the guys to return early for work outs. Interestingly, the stoned captain opted for snowboarding instead of returning to lead his flock. This puzzles me since snowboarding and skiing can be considered dangerous for athletes. if they fall or hit a tree, their season can be over before it begins. Yet, the fearless leader has his own agenda. No worries. The big guy does not need the distraction of having to call the guys together and leading in a formal way.

He is actually an informal leader. Many of the kids look up to him and his work ethic. Some are actually afraid of him.  He is at the field early, late, and when he does not have to be. The coaches walk in and find him working out. Several times they have almost discovered his banned equipment, but he manages to hide it or explain his way out of a jam. For the life of me, I wish that they would read the evidence that suggests better arm care will cause the arm to last longer through the season. For example, last season when the guys arms were going down, his was getting stronger as the season progressed. Of course, the pizza shop wall will never be the same, but I admire this guy. He has a goal and will not stop until he achieves it. He is my role model.

He can turn down a beer and a piece of cake without blinking. He is also working out to work on flexibility and endurance. He is in tuned with his body and is now working on his mind and spirit.

We had a conversation about all three as he works on his mental game. While working with the sports psychologist, he is also praying more and mediating. My last suggestion to him is to modulate his emotions. He is either incredibly high or woefully low. There has to be a middle ground. Therefore, this is the last piece of the mental puzzle to accept victory and defeat as the same and not be so elated or despondent that he is unable to think about his next move. By flattening the emotions, he will have succeeded in controlling them. This will be helpful when he is in a jam, not in a jam, on television, or just preparing for the next game. Control in all areas. This is what he seeks and I know that he will accomplish this one.

As far as I am concerned, I will continue to prepare for the season. I have my lucky sneakers already...found in Boscovs....good price.....fits well.....comfie....and still in the box. They are ready for Valentines weekend when he starts in North Carolina. Until then, I will buy my Kashi bars, sunflower seeds, Skittles, and case of bottled water for the back of the car. I now have driving glasses (yeah, I am old) which are in the front of the car. I will have the oil changed and car checked out to make sure that it is ready for travel.

I am also getting caught up at work and will disappear from campus in a few weeks. Honestly, being on the road is something that I enjoy. Although the best part of the journey is when I return home.

Now it is time to grade papers. My two classes end this week and I have a mountain of papers to grade and grade and grade.....


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