Saturday, January 24, 2015

First Scrimmage of the Season

Good morning! It is snowy, rainy, and misty in the northeast. Fortunately, Mother Nature stopped at 1 inch in our region. I can still see the grass and now the driveway has been plowed by the landscaper. Sadly, I never contracted him to do the work, but hey.....I am going to enjoy this until I get the bill....then I will pay it. I would love this plowing if I did not just pay $300.00 to have the snow blower fixed. No complaints. I have a money tree, don't you?

Ok, on to the big guy and his scrimmage last night. We got the call at 12:30 am. In a moment of brilliance, I put the phone by dad's head before I went to bed. Therefore, dad picked up the early morning call and I listened to the update.

Before the scrimmage, the Czar had a two hour mental meeting with a guest appearance by the women's volleyball coach. This coach has won 7 national championships. Yes, that is 7 more than the Czar has won.....the coach proceeded to contradict everything the Czar has uttered as performance enhancers for the past year. The guys just sat back, listened, and smirked a bit.

Then the Czar pulled out a clip of Navy Seals to show how bonded they were as a team. What happened to the rugby team's dance fest from yesterday's post? Now we are on to the Seals who eat, sleep, and live and die for each other. We are comparing ourselves with the Seals? Nice.

Based on the last two mental sessions, the Czar wants a team that kills the enemy and dances with one another. Great mental image.....I definitely have to pull out the boxed wine for this season.

On to the scrimmage....there were numerous cameras following the Czar around during practice. I guess he might have his own local (cable based) television show. Although, I cannot be sure.

The lefty was on the mound for 4 walks, 6 K's, three weak hits.....slider and change up are on.

When asked what the Czar thought, the big guy said "nothing. he was too busy talking to cameras."

How about the pitching coach?

He was upset about a low ball that was supposed to be high. OK. The catcher who was not his regular guy lied and told the coach that he sent a high signal when he gave a low. In other words, this catcher did not back him up. So much for Navy Seal camaraderie, right?

When I spoke to the lefty this morning, I focused on other things such as correcting errors and looking at what he did right rather than on the Czar and his hatred of him. yeah, it seems that the Czar is not only indifferent to his number 1, but wants to see him not succeed so that he can say "I told you so. You're nothing."

However, say these words to the big guy and he will prove you wrong. The Czar thinks that he is an ego maniac, which is not far from the truth. But, I submit to you, that he needs to have a healthy dose of ego to make it through the twists and turns of his chosen profession. In other words, if he was a meek and mannered guy, he would be twisting pretzels in a kiosk in the mall.

What the Czar does not know is that he can turn it off when he is off the field. As the big guy says: "I am arrogant, but humble enough to admit it." As far as I am concerned, I get it. leave him alone to perform at the level that he can and stop with the mind games. OK?

"nuff said....

I am off to the gym. It is time to work out the muscles.....

By the way, we were laughing as I kept reminding the kid what a great movie this would make. I foresee John Goodman as the Czar....who would play him?

The big guy wants Bradley Cooper, but sadly, BC is too old for this movie. Perhaps BC can play dad or Coach T (who is now working for his dad after spending ten years in the minors). Me? At first, I said Cameron Diaz with a dark wig but my son (whose birthday is coming up and seems to be expecting some neat stuff :-)) claims Sandra Bullock is a better choice....ahh shucks....

Off I go....


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