Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nothing tastes better than a win....except Skittles, perhaps?

Good morning! I am 98.8% done with my grades and am so excited that I could eat a sleeve of Girl Scout thin mint cookies....but I won't.

Yesterday, I lamented that my time is almost over as BP mom in the university setting. I guess that I was complaining. Was it Dr. Seuss that said "Don't cry that it is over; smile that it happened."?

Or was it Nelson Mandela?

No, Mandela said: "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." This is actually one of my favorite quotes. There is something about this wisdom that I like.

On to college.....yesterday the big guy called and reported about his session with the psychologist. I only wish that I could see this doc since he is so down to earth and gets it. He really gets it. They spoke about the kid's labile emotions and tactics on how to handle them.  it seems that the doc is also a great proponent of deep breathing. I have to try it sometime. and out....don't hold it! Try and out....I have to practice.

He also spoke about the strength trainer and how the coaches will not listen to him. Then doc said something important. No, not breathe....but "get over yourself. The coaches are not going to make changes based on one guy's ideas." Touch`e.

We had a few laughs over the session and they made plans to see each other once a week until the end of the season. I could not be happier, because I make a terrible counselor. When someone comes to me crying, I land up crying with them. Empathy? Maybe....although it smears the mascara that took me 5 seconds to apply.

And so, today he is happy and laughing as we also chatted about the team's propensity for drinking. Actually, the guys are quite good at it. On Wednesday nights, they go to a bar that has a special on 'bombs'. A bomb special drink is a shot of hard liquor in a red bull. The guy then chugs it and gets wasted immediately. I think that this would make my heart stop. A shot of hard liquor coupled with an energy drink would definitely explode in my body, therefore it is appropriately named.

I asked him about the drink and he replied that he never had it because he follows the tenets of a great sports philosopher, Tom Brady. Yep, Tom Brady. You may have heard of him not in your  history books but in the sports pages. TB is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and my kid has admitted to a man-crush on the guy. You see....TB does not drink. He says: "I never had a beer that tasted better than a win." Oh dude, you know my son so is all about his sport and winning is everything as is physical recovery. And liquor slows down the recovery process. Again....this is good stuff. I might develop a BPmom crush on TB. After all, he is making it rain cash in his home with his work ethic, dedication to excellence, and attention to detail.

With that said, I gotta finish the last 1.2% of my grading then I will be free...well sort to work on my next project....


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