Friday, January 2, 2015

Mind, body, spirit

Happy New Year! We made it south and back with the dogs and my mind remains intact. In fact, the dogs handled the trip better than the big kid. Why? Well......

The dogs had their own crate and had to be placed under our seats. They fit and were perfectly behaved. On the other hand, the big lefty....not so much.

He took his beloved weighted balls, some sort of apparatus that he uses to strengthen something or other in his arm, his wrist weights, cleats, and glove in his backpack and sent it through the security scanner. When.....the security officer decided that his equipment were weapons and had to be checked as baggage or confiscated. I have seen the big guy get angry but this one was truly spectacular. And he was not going to win the battle against the TSA.

The officer was aghast at the contents of the backpack and gathered the contraband to send it to be checked. The big lefty, not liking the circumstances, decided to challenge the TSA officer...not a battle that he would win and had to walk to the check in desk and give up his beloved equipment. When I  told the TSA officer that he has flown all over the country without anyone taking his equipment, he asked for the names of the cities so that they could be reported. After all, he was keeping our nation safe.

Sheesh....isn't there an old lady that he could harass?  This seemed superfluous, but rest assured, the country is safer now that the contents of the back pack have been checked with the rest of the baggage.

Oh yeah, I was dissed yesterday too. This happened when we were collecting our bags upon arrival. The woman who worked for the airlines got in front of me as I tried to grab my bags. As bags labeled 'priority' dropped onto the conveyor belt, she pushed me aside and said that the 'priority' bags were for first class passengers.

Uh, lady....I am first class.....OK, technically I was upgraded because I just hit Delta Airlines Silver Medallion with the number of miles that I flew this year, but really....I was actually profiled by the airlines as someone who would not be first class.  Ahh, no biggie....I was not first class until I was upgraded at the last minute. Although, she was very surprised when I grabbed the 'priority' bags. Next time, I will wear my pearls and leather coat....

How is everything going with the big lefty? Hmmm....Ok, let's see....good and not so good.

While we were away, he went from sunny to cloudy in a matter of minutes one day. He was preoccupied and distant. What's up, dude? Nothing.

Ok, I have known this guy since he was an embryo, so I know that something was wrong but he was not talking. So I stopped asking.

However, today, I decided that I was going to take the bull to happy hour and have a long conversation with him. Why happy hour? Well, it is away from the house. He eats at a discounted price. I drink at a discounted price. It is a win win situation.

While sitting at the bar, he confided that the pitching coach, Psycho texted him last week and said: "The season rests with you. If you are on, we do well. If not, we don't."

Upon reflection of the text, he was fine with the challenge. However, I could see how it could ruffle his feathers.


This is it. This is the moment that he has waited for all his life. In other words, he is the man. That's right. He is their number one guy and they are counting on him.

Anxious? Yes.

Stressful? Yep.

Wanted? You bet.

This is it. This is senior year in high school again. he had to prove himself over and over and finally did. We chatted about a number of things....for example, his first big win last year. We both agreed that the Czar put him on the mound for him to blow up and lose. The Czar wanted the world to know that he was right. But he was proven wrong.

The next step was a week night game in Ohio. Again, the Czar looked for him to lose in a big way, but he again showed him what he had.

As the season continued, the lefty proved everyone was wrong. He had actually moved up from being last on the pitching roster to first. He also did it when all of his pitches were not working. Again, the Czar was not pleased.

At the final meeting at the end of last year, the big guy told the Czar that he could do more for the team if given the chance. The Czar remained unconvinced. Although, anyone watching the games knew that this guy had something, he waited....and now, he is in the driver's seat.

So, we chatted about how he was going to handle his stress and anxiety during the season. I want him to be proactive and develop tools that  will prevent him from getting flustered. He has a plan to meet with the sports psychologist once a week. Then I mentioned the most important thing....a life that is in balance and harmony....mind, body, and spirit. To be successful in life, a person needs to have all three in balance. When one is off, the whole person is off. Therefore, he has to be aware that his emotions and spirit need as much care as his body.

After happy hour, he went to the movies with Meat. Now I am alone and think that he is going to be fine. he is smart, level headed, and has his goal in front of him.

At this point of the year, I too, have confidence knowing that he is ready for whatever lies ahead. So, I have to also relax and take care of my mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, I am going to put my pajamas on...grab a book.....and chill......

Happy New Year!

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