Friday, January 30, 2015

Putting things into perspective

Morning! Blustery day in the northeast....cold....time for a change...Or, it is time to buy gloves and a hat. That's right. I need gloves and keep putting it off thinking that when I buy them, I won't need them anymore. Duh....It is January, right? It's not that I like the cold, because I do not. However, I don't like the gloves constricting my hands. It is a weird feeling....Yes, cold is a weird feeling too. Don't judge....Better yet...don't try to understand.

Today is another scrimmage day. The kid does the usual....Jeremy Lin.....Chinese salts, arm care...mental imagery...and so on....

He shared with me about his latest session with the sports doc. The session went well and there were some break throughs that have calmed him. Geez, I want someone like this to bounce ideas off, but the only person that I have is dad and he is no good at this stuff. He'll say "get over it....why are you's nothing...." What happened to acknowledging then exploring feelings? Perhaps, I could call Dr. Phil. I can see the show now......

Fade to black.....

Dr Phil: "Today, we have with us a woman known as BP Mom. BPM has been blogging under a pen name for a number of years explaining her son's journey to the major league baseball or major league depression. She has experienced the ups and downs with her child and  has runs the gamut of  emotions that swing as high as the top of huge pile of cow chips to the lows of the barnacles on the bottom of a dinghy.  Let's extend a warm welcome.....Tell me, BPM, why you are here...."

BPM: "Hi Phil. It is so good to meet you. Geez, you are so famous. The only famous person that I have met before you is Lisa Scottoline and that was at a wedding for like a minute. She's really cool...although I could see that she wanted to get away from me.....Too much information?"

Dr. Phil: "Yep. Now tell the audience, why do you need a therapist as famous as me?"

BPM: "well, Dr. Phil or may I call you Phil?"

Dr Phil: "No"

BPM: "Ok, Dr. Phil. I am here because I do not have a therapist at home. People like my husband think that I have it all together. Sure, it looks that way...nice career, family, pantry, I have it all...including the remnants of the Christmas mom makes great food....and cookie fest was successful. I ate those cookies in a few days.....Some day I will be able to zip the pants....yet, I do not have someone to listen to me when I want to whine. Why is that?"

Dr Phil: "Gurl, you do not get it. No one wants to listen to a pampered, self indulgent woman...although those extra pounds do not look that bad."

BPM: "Oh. I get it. I really do not need therapy, just a grip on life. Right?"

Dr. Phil: "The only thing that you need are bigger pants. Feel better?"

Dr. Phil: "Our next guest is a helicopter mom who has been known to peel her college age daughter's clementines while she slept....give a yee ha for Clementine Mom...."

And that is that Dr. Phil has fixed me, I can concentrate on the big guy and send to him good vibes, thoughts, and prayers. Knock 'em dead, a metaphorical way....


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