Sunday, February 1, 2015

Highlights....lowlights....lights off.....

Good morning! Hey, I worked out before posting. This is a record for me. I am not in my pajamas and am perspiring as I type. Cool....I should try this week, perhaps?

On to business....There are several items that I want to clarify and update.

1. I really don't need a therapist.....just a good friend or loving family member to tell me that I am OK when I am not feeling OK.

2. I am thrilled that I missed the first pitch dinner....why?

Well, the Czar was the first one to speak. He droned on for 35+ minutes. The guys had a pool as to how many times he was going to mention his
His family....his sacrifices.....his philosophy....and so on......He never mentioned the team....He spoke of the alumni and community, university, new athletic director, but not the team. How do I know this? Well, the big guy texted me throughout the dinner and speeches. I actually had a great seat laughing at what I missed...or did not miss. While he was texting me, dad and I were watching Flight with Denzel on Netflix...the man is so cool...

Since the dinner was a fund raiser, the Czar signed a baseball and auctioned it off. I have a photo sent to me by the big kid of the signed baseball with no bidders on the sheet. Perhaps by the end of the evening, a kindly parent gave $5.00 for it. I dunno.....

The guest speaker was a former major leaguer from the area who told the audience that no one sitting in attendance would make the major leagues. That's right. No one. He knows this because it is hard to make the bigs and no one in the room had that commitment to the process. Hmmm.....this guy did not win over his audience.

Once it was over, the lefty called me and we howled at the night. Yep, I am going on record and announcing that I am so glad to have missed this last school first pitch dinner.

3. Friday night's scrimmage.....On Friday, the lefty called and told me that he felt good and was not worried. This is good. I said, "are the mind, body, and spirit interconnected?" "Did you watch Jeremy Lin on Netflix?" "Did you eat your Chinese dinner last night?" "Did you eat your Subway sandwich this afternoon?" "Play list ready on the iPod?"

"Go get 'em tigga!"

And so, 12:30 am came waaaay to quickly.....

you see, that is when the scrimmage ended. However, first, the guys (pitchers) had weight training in the morning....then class...then a two hour mental game discussion....then the scrimmage.

Highlights and lowlights: When he called,  he said that he cruised through the fist two innings. No hits. No walks. Then his legs cramped up from the weight lifting (which an athlete never does before a game. It's pretty much standard practice throughout the industry except at this university). Psycho told him to change his stance. Not being allowed to argue and knowing that this was not the problem, he did as ordered.....then he gave up 4 hits, 4 walks and a few runs in the next three innings. The Czar screamed at him and told him that the breakdown was all in his head. Psycho refused to talk to him.

Really? Is this coaching or the military? Are we for real?

Here is my take on it. The coaches still do not understand this kid. He is self motivating and self correcting. He has a complete knowledge of the game and his capabilities. If left alone, he would show them that he can adjust and adapt to issues and missteps. He is not uncoachable. Rather, he is coachable but needs to share what his body is doing and not be treated as a one size fits all commodity.

Perhaps I could be the pitching coach and after he gives up a hit, I would saunter out to the mound wearing my lucky cleats, ask him if he is OK, does he know what he is doing wrong,.....what can be done to correct it....then give him a hug, wipe the dirt off his face, tell him to smile, and walk back to the dug out.

This would work, right?

 Uh, maybe not....Nope, I sit in the stands with my rosary and sending good thoughts his way. That's my only role in all of this mayhem. I am only an interested observer....

4. On to issue 4..... The posters have not been printed yet. So, I do not have one nor do I know whether he made it or not as a graduating senior.

With that said, I am looking forward to the first round of games in two weeks. This promises to be a fascinating season.

Time to do laundry.


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