Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lights, Camera, Action: Drama

Drama...drama...drama....The day is, no drama yet except for the puppies waking me up during a swell dream to go to the bathroom....


Yesterday, the elbow was a bit better but the Czar and trainer still wanted him to throw. The trainer actually feels that his elbow is well enough to throw pitches.


Let's ponder this notion.....

Swollen....painful....essential extremity needed to toss a ball over home plate....

Yep, let's start him on Friday night and watch fireworks explode over North Carolina.

And so, what happened?

Well, after spending a few minutes listening to 'no one listens to one wants to see me heal....I was thrown under the bus by the trainer....', I was able to penetrate the granite in his head.

Dude, they are concerned about you. That is a good thing. OK, they are not in love with you enough to put you on the poster, but they care in their own demented way.

Second, what did Uncle Dr G say?

"If you have pain, then your body is telling you something."

Very good. Should you throw a ball if you cannot move your arm? It's not like you have an assistive device like Steven Hawking has to speak to tell us that there is no God and share his ideas about the universe. Nothing but a healthy arm can throw a fast ball.

"I know."

Then there is no discussion. Will they take you to North Carolina?


Then come home and talk with the doctors and Yoda....all people whom you trust and will help you.


Go to bed.....

Fast forward to this morning and I received a text from the big kid: "I have a sore elbow, no internet, no toilet paper, ants everywhere, but for some reason I wouldn't change anything....odd huh? "

Image result for mom reading text message gif

....."except fresh tp."

Interesting. This is a far cry from Monday and last weekend. I will hang on this text until I receive the next call when he starts throwing again. Until then, I will look forward to seeing him at home, cooking his favorite meals, chatting over a glass of wine....and then send him back to campus with ant spray and a case of toilet paper.

Have a great day!

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