Friday, February 6, 2015

Trendy? I think not

Good morning! What a nice Friday...cold...clear...sunny....perfect February weather.

How are things? Wellll.....

Yesterday, after a great lunch with Red, Nana, Ice, and Tiger Mom, I stopped at the consignment shop to sell a few items.

 I have never consigned anything before, so this was a new phenomenon for me. Usually, I give away my clothes to the needy and leave it at that, but with the Southern Belle's beautiful clothes, dad and I had this great (or not so great) idea to consign them and give the funds to a charity in the Southern Belle's name.....and so, this great idea consisted of packing 8 large boxes, shipping them, carrying them to the car, and driving to a consignment shop.

After finding parking which is impossible, not having a quarter for the parking meter, dragging the boxes to the shop, pushing them to the back of the shop. and waiting while the staff rummaged through these exquisite clothes, I was told that none of them were appropriate for the shop.

Huh? These are amazing and beautiful. I don't understand.

"Sorry, they are not trendy enough for us."

Trendy? Trendy? What is trendy? Should I have brought see-through tee shirts that stop at the navel rather than a cashmere jacket? Did they want ripped and torn jeans rather than a two-piece classic Talbots suit?
Really? OK, where should I go?

The quick witted clerk suggested that I drive around the corner to the vintage shop.....OK, finding a parking spot close to the store was yet another challenge. Without any quarters for the parking meter, I took a chance and ran to the vintage store.

Out of breath and praying that I do not get a parking ticket, I uttered: "I have 8 boxes of great see, I want to sell them and give the money to charity......"

Another quick witted clerk looked at me and said: "unless the clothes are older than 1979, we do not want them, but you can try to shop on the corner by the freeway."

Running back to the car and not being able to see out the windows since the boxes were so big, I prayed that I would pull out of the parking space without hitting a bus and causing a chain reaction....mission accomplished....

On to the third shop next to the freeway.....

Out of breath and excited that I found the right place.....I whispered: "I have 8 boxes of great see, I want to sell them and give the money to charity......"

Another quick witted clerk looked at me and said: "Bring all of the boxes in and carry them to the back of the store. We will look through them."

Really? Can't you come to my car and peek into the boxes? I don't think that I have enough energy left to carry the big boxes to the back of the store. Please?

"No, we have to measure and weight them."

Sheesh.....once again, pulling the boxes out of the car, dragging them through the parking lot to the front of the store, and pulling them to the back of the store, it took 30 seconds for the clerk to tell me that the clothes were too old for the store.

Too old? These clothes are newer than mine! Does that mean that I wear vintage? nope, my threads are newer than 1979. Ok, what does this mean?

 No one wants to have beautiful clothes made 5 years ago that are in great shape, rarely worn, and of high quality and taste? What do they want?

Dragging the boxes and jamming them back into the car, I hit my stash of weight watchers chocolate turtles that are located in the glove compartment. Not one, I needed two...four points added to my daily allotment of points. It was worth it.

Driving home slowly since I still could not see out of the windows, I knew that it was time to crack open the box of wine....until.....yes...until.....

I walked into the mud room, said hello to the pups in the crates...took a deep breath....and saw her....yes, there was my sweet little pup coated with poo. The crate.....covered with poo......her paws.....poo.....the blanket in the crate...poo....once I pulled her out, she made a dash for the door with the poo on her paws and left little poo marks shaped like paws on the floor....grabbing her, I then was covered with poo....yes, the poo hit the fan.....

Not wanting to embellish any further on poo, let's just say, the rest of the afternoon was spent on my knees cleaning the dog, crate, and little poo paws  on the floor. I will give you all a tip: if the poo hardens, it is tougher to get off the floor and dog. So, handle things efficiently and as fast as possible. Otherwise, your work is doubled.

Enough about me.....and clothes....and poo.....Although, I made an executive decision. Rather than consign the clothes, I will give them to a charity that provides nice clothes for women who do not have the finances to buy interview clothes.

The big kid and I had several short conversations yesterday. it seems that all of the guys are tired of the Czar's rants...even his favorites. My advice remains consistent.

Do not partake in coach bashing.

Keep your head down. Do not make eye contact.

Stay positive.

He is a means to an end.

If he says 'jump', you say 'how high?'

Focus on your mind, body, and spirit.

Watch your Jeremy Lin video as  you eat your Chinese food on Thursday night. Say your one can beat you.....

And now, we will discover how the mental game as well as his preparation works tonight during the scrimmage. Next week is the first pitch in North Carolina. Go team!



  1. Love you Bullpen Mom! Just read a few days worth for the first time. Be Supportive, B-B Supportive! I'm creating a circle of cheerleaders. You can cheer for your son and I'll cheer for you!! -TM

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