Monday, February 9, 2015

Turn, turn, turn.....a time to slide...a time to vent...

Good icy morning! Yep, I am going to slide to work today. As a kid, I loved the ice....of course, I did not have a driver's license and walked everywhere. Then I had a change of heart that lives with me until this very day....

Fade to black....

It was a snowy day in college and since I attended a large religious  university in the northeast, naturally, the sidewalks were coated with snow and ice. Why do I mention 'religious' when I speak of this story? Well, it is my firm belief that the Augustinians prayed that none of the students would slip on the ice because it seems that the budget that year ran out of salt that would melt the ice and make the walking for the students a tad bit safer.....

Where was I? Oh yes, I was walking to my class at the bottom of a hill....there I was taking it slow but naturally running late for the start of the class. I was two steps from safely making it to the door and into the building when the unspeakable guessed it.....

I did a flip and landed up on my back with my books flying into the air. I give the fall a 9 on a scale of 1 to Fresno...the Russian judge gave me a two for poor technique.

 As I crawled to my books, I wondered if no one witnessed this performance. Hoping against all odds, I received  hearty applause from some business majors. There are days when life is not fair and other days when I say "I should not have gotten out of bed today...."

On to an update about the big kid's arm....

Saturday was a nasty day. He was despondent. I was angry.....I was ready to go to campus and take on the entire university and was stopped dead in my tracks. "Mom, don't come. If my arm is completely destroyed, you can unleash Dr. BPM and let them have it. Take no prisoners.  Don't come until I know."

OK, so for the rest of the day, I waited for an update....and waited....and waited....and waited....

Finally, I did some retail therapy with Tink, a coupon, and the clearance rack. Even that did not work for me. Sure, I picked up some great bargains, but that did not crack the angst. It was during this time that BD and Wildcat offered their ears and support to me. Yes, thank the good Lord for these women because they offered me an opportunity to vent over the phone. I have to say that I love them way too much to shout into the phone while I held the beast back.

So, I went for the next best thing....I screamed at dad over the phone. First, I told him what I was going to do and to be prepared. Not being able to see what he was doing since it was a phone call, I think that he put my call on speaker, then turned down the volume, and proceeded to work on his computer as he uttered:

"uh huh"

"you're right"

"he'll be fine."

"he should not be lifting at all."



"Anything else?"

"Right...uh a client in the office...can I call you later....perhaps next week?"

Then it happened. I felt better..a little...until the next call came from the big leftie.

"Mom, I saw the trainer."

Was he cranky? Did you see him right away?

"No, I waited. The he looked at it and said that the elbow as too inflamed to work on it. He will take care of it tomorrow."

Then it happened. I didn't mean it, but it happened....I did not even warn him....the mushroom cloud could be seen for miles....

I went berserk. ...

"Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? It is time for you to take ownership of your body. The way that you train, you are headed for permanent disability.  it is time for you to own your body and refuse or stop when it hurts. If the Czar and Psycho want to yell, then take it. It is your body. That's it. No more. If he ignores the best health care professionals in the country because he knows best then I will be there to speak to the AD!"

"And another thing.....since that coach never played baseball in college, he is absolutely clueless how to succeed. You must stand up for yourself and face the consequences. Then have Tonto video it with his cell phone when the coach goes ballistic. I am tired of these preventable injuries. We are done. Do you hear me. Done! No more."

"If you lift again before you pitch, I will come to the locker room and unleash Dr. BPM, There will be no prisoners. There will be puddles on the floor. Sure, you will be embarrassed and want  to disown me, but you will be safe!"

"That's it. No more."

Then he wanted to vent, but I felt better and exhausted and told him to call me later.....

Today, his arm is off the mound. He cannot use it. The trainer has to dig out the knot from the muscle. Dr. G says that it is 'golfer's elbow.' I say that he is on the shelf for a while. This is non negotiable. That's it in a nutshell.

I did not go to campus. I did not scream at the coaches and trainers. I kept to myself with the immediate family taking the brunt of hurricane BPM.

Now, it is time for me to slide onto work....


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