Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lows, lows, and more lows

Morning! This is going to be a quickie, since I am on my way to Hoagie-fest at BP Grandmom's house. You see every Sunday after the guys return from their weekend retreat, BP Gmom has hoagies. Since I LOVE hoagies, hence my oh so doughy shape, I will be there in full force trying to ignore the tasty sandwiches but eventually give in....

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The big guy returned to campus yesterday after I begged him not to since there was snow in the forecast. You see, the Czar threatened to have practice early in the morning if they lost all three games in NC. True to his word, there is practice this morning after the guys get off the bus after 3 am.

It was a blood bath and the team gave up 30 runs in 3 games. Again, can anyone say 'pitching'? The big lefty did  not take delight in the losses. Instead he was solemn and felt bad for his team mates. This is a good thing.

Anyway, before he left, he went to the sporting goods store to buy a  net to place in his apartment to catch his weighted balls. He is going back to them and cannot throw outside at the pizza shop since his fingers freeze in the cold weather. He sent a photo to me to see the new set up.

He also saw Yoda yesterday and brought him a cake to once again thank him. Yoda no longer charges the big guy since they are now friends and we have 'paid enough' according to the  kindly, wise gentleman.

Yoda  bashed the university system and warned the big lefty that lifting and throwing are prohibited. He also said that he probably could have pitched this weekend, but the kid really needed some of ma's homemade chicken Parmesan and Yoda's advice that he was not permanently injured.

And now, my friends, here is what happens.....This is my prediction based upon logic....although, logic has never been a factor with this team. The Czar makes his own decisions based upon his vision of a winning team....

Here is what will happen:

As they return to the practice field, he will scream at them for two hours and tell them that they are mentally soft.
He will say that they can be replaced and since he has a five year contract, he will still be there.
They will run, be humiliated, vomit from too much running, and  threatened.

They will fly to Texas and be shelled.
The big kid will come out of the bullpen during Sunday's game after the team loses the first two in a very ugly manner. He will shut down the rally and be told that he was still not mentally tough.
He will sit in the bullpen for another few weeks until the Czar becomes desperate, then he will be a mid week starter. Once he succeeds at mid week, he will throw on Sundays only.
By the end of the season, he will be the Friday starter, much to the Czar's chagrin.

What should happen:

The Czar realizes that lifting and pitching should not go hand in hand
He will respect the kid's work ethic
He will allow him to use his Pitching Doctor's flexibility protocols
He will send the big boy to the mound on Friday nights
They will win one game per weekend.

That's it, folks....the lows and the lows...there were no highs this weekend, but more interesting baseball to come.

Gotta run!


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