Monday, February 16, 2015

What to do?

Greetings! I would like to send a shout out to New England. Hang tough, spring is coming!

On to the news of the day...there isn't any...yet....

The Czar decided NOT to have a practice yesterday and opted to give the guys off. Did the big kid stay in the library and complete his work? Nope, he went and worked out by himself. First, he set his net up in his apartment to throw his weighted balls in the warmth of his home. Maybe he will crush a few of his ants who happen to be his room mates.

By the way, he brought home his laundry basket on Friday and snuck it by me breaking a house rule. No clothes from college in the house unless they are first cleaned in the Laundromat. No exceptions even for those kids with a boo boo on their elbow. Now, I have my glasses on and am looking to see if he brought his bug friends home for a visit or possible relocation.

What will this week bring now that the team's pitching broke down? Will they kneel before the big kid and ask him to pretty please throw the ball? Or will they continue to deny his existence and talent and pray that the chosen ones come through? I don't know, but guess what?

I am looking for air fare to Texas.

Image result for Texas Gif

That's right.

BP Mom in the house to witness another bloody battle with a nationally ranked team. This will be interesting OR I could possibly leave the field early and look for the local outlet mall. Who knows? I don't. but I will be ready with my lucky sneakers, Kashi bar, rosary, and perhaps....a bag of Skittles.

With that said, although it is President's Day, I still have work to do.


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