Monday, February 2, 2015

Fatigue has set in

Good afternoon! Yep, an afternoon post since I had to take the pups for grooming this morning. Since my little hermit groomer is sick, I took them to the dog salon in the ritzy part of town...Mistake number 1.

Mistake number 2: When I asked the owner over the phone how much the grooming would cost, she quoted the Yuppy Puppy at $45-50/dog. OK, I can live with this. It is less than my little hermit.

Mistake 3: I met the groomer who asked what I wanted. Rather than say "Yuppy Puppy", I said, trim and take care of the matting.

Mistake 4: When presented a bill for $160.00, I swallowed, gulped, and paid it without questioning the bill. Here is what happened...they were to get the Yuppy Puppy treatment but when I spoke to the groomer, apparently, I changed from the Yuppy Puppy to the Classic Pup. That's right...a verbal change....I did not realize it, but I changed the scheduled grooming and inadvertently virtually doubled the initial request. By the way, dad calls this "BPM math..."


On to the big guy....yesterday was classic as we had (yet) another discussion about the Czar's latest activities....Here was the baseball weekend....

Friday am: weight lifting
work outs
mental game for 2 hours
scrimmage until 11 pm. During the scrimmages, no one may sit except for the head coach. Therefore, for three hours after a full week of practices and classes, the guys stand.

Saturday 6 am: Practice begins....scrimmage....until late morning....personal work outs, stretching, training....

Saturday pm: Banquet until 10 pm.....they had assigned seats. Since I was not there, he sat with a freshman's family who ignored him....

Sunday: 6 am: practice.....scrimmage......discussion....chewed out....

Apparently Sunday's practice was subpar....not to the Czar's standards....he gathered the team. "Why was this practice so bad? Why?"

No one answered. The Czar asked answer.....he yelled....finally the shortstop opened his mouth.

SS: "Coach, we are tired. My legs are shot."

Wrong answer! Actually, the kid was damned if he kept his mouth shut and sent to hell when he opened it. He took the bullet for the team in a figurative way.....

The Czar went ballistic....."You guys are soft. You're pansies....there is no such thing as tired. it is all in your heads. You are mentally weak. Each of you...weak!"

He went on and on and continued to rant...then he made them run on their oh-so-weak legs until they began to vomit. Fun, eh?

Before the fun began, the Czar started off by yelling at them and saying that none of them were ever in the tournament and would never get there with their attitudes. The big kid kept his mouth shut since the head coach did not remember that he did go to the conference tournament when he was a freshman, pitched on national television, and was able to stop a rally by the opposing team. He felt that if he said anything, the team would be running more until each of them ended up in the ICU.

By the way, when the guys are screamed at, they rank the rants on a scale of 0 to "Fresno". Fresno, if you remember from last spring  is when the big lefty was verbally assaulted by the Czar for 30 minutes.

According to the trainer, yesterday's tirade was a number 2. No one has yet to achieve a "Fresno." A Fresno lives in history as the worst chewing out any of the guys have witnessed.

With that, I have a meeting to prepare keeps going....


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